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A coup in Sukhum: Abkhazia hard rip from the Kremlin

Госпереворот в Сухуме: Абхазию упорно отрывают от Кремля

The resorts of Abkhazia season — plus on the thermometer 6, a little warmer than in Moscow, the beaches are empty, a rare visitor dares to arrive in a freezing cold or in Pitsunda Gagra. But in the capital, Sukhum, the “hot” — hung up the degree of political tension, the opposition seizes the building of the presidential administration, and, in fact, President Raul Khajimba is trying to overthrow.

In September he was re-elected, just remembered that illegally, most likely, it was therefore decided to restore justice. Well, went to storm. The building, which was empty. The reason was found — four months later expressed disagreement with the results of the presidential elections, which have not gained a sufficient number of votes, the presidential candidate alhas Kvitsinia.

In Abkhazia like holidays — where almost every day is a holiday. Among the other most esteemed New year and, for the Christian population, Christmas. New year choose to celebrate in the old Gregorian calendar, that is from 13 th to January 14 — walk straight from the heart. And if Abkhazians rest, then all the other things and problems they leave for later, then to have them easy to understand. Therefore, a totally unexpected thought the protests in Sukhumi, which occurred in mezhprazdnichnoe period — here on 9 January, when even in the mouth is not dry. Gathered outside of the presidential administration and demanded his resignation. Whether in honor of the past, whether in honor of the upcoming holidays. Actually, not so important.

Interesting statistics — including the “rebels” call then 50, then 100, up to 500 people. For a fairly small population of Abkhazia, which for 2019 was $ 242 thousand people, it’s still a tiny percentage. Almost like a picket. We must assume that the rest just did not come out of the holiday and deeply ignored the protest action. Not because they are not interested in the life and politics of their own country, and because there was no meaningful reason for your expression of thoughts and feelings. Originally predicted mass action on the “Sukhumi independence” against the incumbent President did not take place. The coup as something went wrong and the government remained in power. But as they say, osadochek remained.

What we see Abkhazia? The tangerines have somehow faded and special demand are not. Left the beaches and the resorts that are losing popularity amid Sochi and Crimea (there’s even safer). Remain geopolitical interests. Abkhazia is a kind of layer, buffer zone, between the bulwark of NATO in the Caucasus — Georgia. We have a group, military base and border guards. It is solely in military terms and to lose such a position is impossible. In economic terms, Abkhazia is a complete “zero” — how many would not have poured money there, no special effect and is not expected. Highly questionable and a factor of development of resort business, Russian tour operators is focused more on the domestic black sea resorts. It can be assumed that the summer season is here 2020 will become the biggest flop in recent times.

Remains territory. And her long and thoroughly eyeing Turkey, where plans to revive the Ottoman Empire remains not only in words. The plans of the Turkish General staff, which is not particularly something and hide, Abkhazia is considered as a zone of influence. In the most difficult times, at the turn of the early 1990-Chodov, Ankara literally fed Abkhazia forth a continuous stream was Turkish ships with consumer goods, including food. When Russia did not give almost anything, Turkey drove here “humanitarian aid” — a fact not advertised but well known.

— Turkey systematically takes under his influence the black sea coast, especially the territory, home to the Muslim population, says military expert Vladimir Popov. — Take the Adjara autonomy like those in Georgia. There is already a solid Turkish influence, participation in business projects, the dominance of Turkish citizens in all spheres of activities. Ankara is considering Agrio as their potential territory and ready to challenge this right, including to the United States, ready to lay out around Batumi military bases. The next step of Ankara is aimed at Abkhazia. Military way to do it is problematic, but in the Wake of change of government — it is a convenient option. And present provocative actions in Sukhum, just from this series.

Abkhazians are not happy with the attitude of Russia — the financial flow is much reduced. Dissatisfied with their President, for the same reason. When Bagapsh was more. Even humor has become worse — the KVN team “Narty from Abkhazia” jokes in the last decade or more does not possess. Not to laugh in Abkhazia. Remains a traditional pastime is to change the government. Even at holidays. Maybe something will change.

The current events in Abkhazia, where they planned a little coup, not paid attention to media events in Sukhumi appeared in the news, including world. However, the continuation was not followed, moreover, that without the shooting, the protesters didn’t, well, a noise a bit and left. However, the continuation of this story will undoubtedly follow — Abkhazia will share. Soon — to separate from Russia.

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