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A compilation of great jokes for a positive mood

Подборка отличных анекдотов для позитивного настроенияBoost your good mood.

We offer you to read short jokes and enjoy moments of laughter and good mood.

The husband comes home drunk. Opens the fridge and says:
– Chief, in the center will carry? No? Well, to hell with you.
And so midnight. In the morning, waking up and seeing what he did with the refrigerator, took it to the shop, while his wife slept.
The wife got up and saw that there was fridge says:
Pushy any still left!

The beginning of the operation. The anesthesiologist leans over the patient to apply the mask. The patient, feeling terrible smell fume:
– Doctor, you’re drunk!
The anesthesiologist gently slapping the patient on the cheek:
– I’m drunk? Cute-o-OK, you surgeon seen!

– Fima, how incredibly, unbearably want a woman!
– Yasha, go down to the brothel.
– No, I still want to familiar.
– So you go often and know people there will…

Hate it when you flaunt smart words. It’s just the essence of declarative Golubeva.

Penguins are smarter than humans. Did you see that penguin has spent 5 years in higher education to work not by profession?

Russian language teacher, jumped with his parachute, was shocked, surprised extremely startled but shouted out loud differently.

The conversation at the entrance in a girls ‘ dormitory:
– You, young man, to whom?
– And to whom, mother, do you recommend?

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