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A compilation of funny performances “national mustache of Ukraine” Pavel Zibrov

Подборка смешных выступлений "народных усов Украины" Павла ЗиброваThursday, June 22, the 60th birthday of people’s artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov.

Despite his age, the singer still manages to constantly attract the attention of an samarasinha and funny performances.

We offer you to recall the most vivid of them.

“Polska salzitsa, lova-lova”

In April 2016 a musical project comic Studio “Muahahahaha” called “Teddy Brooklyn” has released a tongue-in-cheek clip about the singer-pole Wojciech Balchune, who was appointed supervisor of “Ukrzaliznytsya”. In this song the rappers asked Poland to take a job as the new head of the transport Ministry of Paul Zibrova.

“Druzyaka-poles not selisios borgou. I of pondus for you Buda urocyst. Our present zrobit you the way way. We ve rock musician, mi you people’s artist”, – is spoken in the video.

In the video there is myself a folk artist – he suddenly appeared in the 2nd verse, where he read a rap, and danced along with the team. By the way, after the release of the video for “Ukrzaliznitsya” and urged the singer not to be setting a bad example by walking on the train tracks. The song became a hit, and the singer has received many accolades.

“Female favorite”

After the success of the track on the rail Zibrov recorded another song with “Teddy Brooklyn”. In her story, the artist helps to solve different everyday problems with the help of his charm and charisma, as well as the famous hit of the 90’s “Woman love.”

Rap battle

At the party stand-up show “Muahahahaha” Zibrov called for a rap battle its peers.

“I recently became a rapper. I listened to battle Oxxxymiron vs ST. Made for itself the correct conclusion. And I want to state for the record that the call to a rap battle Victor Pavlik,” said Zibrov.

Despite the fact that the titans still took place, Zibrov participated in rap battles with other artists – Dzidzio.

“Moï of Mas, sinok, grew the school from nursery. And your beard trimatic leash on the nozzle,” said Zibrov young singer.

“Golos Krainy”

In 2016, the singer took part in the blind auditions of the show “the Voice of the country – 6” and failed the audition. Juried shows for the eyes teased by the singer, calling the old man, and in the eyes of the farcical bowed to the greatness of his talent. Zibrov also took their participation seriously and kept a person trying to give advice to the young competitors.

“League of laughter”

Pavel Zibrov several times took part in the Comedy show “the League of laughter” as a guest star and friend of the team “Favorite city.” The audience for the transmission will be remembered for his image of Seremba.


In 2017, the screens out the Ukrainian Comedy “Infogain” in which he played a folk artist. The film tells about the life of a successful investment Manager who does not imagine his life without information. Maxim does not release from the hands of the gadget and all the time monitoring the news.


In may 2017 near the Palace “Ukraine” has noticed, as Zibrov took a photo of his poster. This act of the artist was very amused by the social network.

Подборка смешных выступлений "народных усов Украины" Павла Зиброва
Подборка смешных выступлений "народных усов Украины" Павла Зиброва

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