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A collective farm Chairman is his son on the farm left to work?

А председатель колхоза сына своего в колхозе оставит работать?

Shortage of land and difficulty of its allocation to hamper the development of private farms of Minsk region, but if the government will see in the farmer of the investor will allow him to grow in a comfortable environment to sell their products, it may become a growth point for the economy and region, and country. This farmers Minsk region said Thursday at a meeting with regional Governor Alexander Turchin.

А председатель колхоза сына своего в колхозе оставит работать?

Photo: Vadim Zamirouski, TUT.BY

Earth — the peasants

The head of the farm Igor Pakush is one of the founders of the farmers ‘ movement. His farm engaged in the production of vegetables has grown from 15 hectares to 1.5 thousand hectares. More than 30 people working at Pacucha in Molodechno district of the season, 600 people.

Farming is no longer an experiment, begun in 90-e years. Economy found its niche, has a name, a brand. And once the experiment was over, the government should look at the development of farming in depth — emphasizes paces.

He convinced the farmers is the Foundation on which agriculture is formed, it is possible to secure the people in the village.

Farmers today need to be seen as investors in agriculture. Yes, we cannot say that it is an investor with a large capital that he can immediately transfer a large property complex. We have investor is something global. And if the farmer asks for 20 hectares of land, tomorrow to invest 5 thousand dollars — it seems uninteresting. But he is willing to invest in this land, their labour, knowledge, Finance, and invest one day. Work on the village is not a year or two, it’s for life, for generations.

So, I’m sure of PACOS, the government should consider the long-term prospects of the economy, to allow growth, help to build relationships, for example, with trade networks.

А председатель колхоза сына своего в колхозе оставит работать?

Igor Pakush. Photo: TUT.BY

The key problem mentioned by all — the possibility of development of the economy, obtaining land for the extension.

— Should be given the opportunity on this earth to build. Today, agricultural land often preclude the opportunity to build the production facilities at home. A farmer must live and work. In General, it is necessary to strengthen the infrastructure of the village. Today, not only the peasants are leaving the land leaving teachers, doctors leaving the village, emphasizes paces.

Chairman of the Minsk regional Association of peasant (farmer) farms Nikolay Silin stated that the allocation of land to farmers today have virtually stopped.

— We understand the need to farm pastures. But in the end, all the allocation of land was approved, and the Chairman of the kolkhoz said, “No, that’s what I owe you [give the land]”. It is necessary as-that legislatively determined may need to be a Commission, on the complaint of the farmer could figure out to solve this issue.

Alexander Turchin noted that over the three years to the Executive Committee was 64 treatment of farmers, and indeed most of the complaints about the allocation of land.

And that’s not all I write, — said Nikolai Silin. — See how the output is increasing! Does she not need?! Today we have potatoes Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia buying whiz. But we need quality. And quality need land — at least average intensity in the area. If the issue is not resolved, cease to grow!

And growth is possible, he believes: in the village there is a new generation, the children of farmers, and their families.

— I have a son, the other farmers in Volozhin, Molodechno districts, families begin to work. We got them into, and then what? No land? Here today are the chairmen of district Executive committees. Give me an example, though one that the Chairman of the collective farm son left on the farm to work! — argued the head of the Association.

Turchin requested the deletion of “undercover intrigue” in the distribution of land.

— The land should go to an effective owner, the SEC or the farmer. It should bring the maximum benefit per hectare. No one should have to go hat in hand to act as a petitioner. Surprising fact: the district and the Chairman of the collective farm gives the ground! It’s not his private land. Must be understood by all district policies, he said.

The Governor instructed the heads of district Executive committees in the first half to hold meetings with farmers on issues of land allocation.

— This work should be systematic. And there, perhaps, someone [of the farmers] will ripen the farm problem take. And do it without our valuable suggestions, what to do and what to sow. So one of the farmers [in the district] a little, do not pull, face tomorrow — demanded Turchin.

3% land, 14% net profit: farming as a growth point

The Governor of the Minsk region Alexander Turchin sure that the farmer movement is able to give growth to the region’s economy.

He recalled that the Minsk region — GDP-forming agriculture of the country, a quarter of agricultural production. More than 2.5 thousand people work in the farms of the region.

— Can be a long debate about the effectiveness of work on the land of large farms and farmers. Examples, good and bad, enough on both sides. But it is obvious: rural entrepreneurship contributes to the development of rural areas, increase incomes, increase tax revenues to local budgets and, most importantly, solves the problem of employment, developing entrepreneurial potential, — said the head of the Executive Committee.

А председатель колхоза сына своего в колхозе оставит работать?

Alexander Turchin. Photo: Vadim Zamirouski, TUT.BY

Turchin also noted the special importance of the development of organic farming.

We started to develop a programme of development for the next five years. The main goal — improving the level and quality of life of the population, formation of comfortable living environment by improving the competitiveness of the region’s economy based on efficient use of resources. Farming can become one of points of growth. We have a stagnating village. Farmers could breathe new life into some of these settlements, he said.

The Chairman of the Committee on agriculture and food of Minsk regional Executive Committee Sergei Levkovich said that the region has 1025 of farmers, in five years their number rose by 7%. It takes up almost 50 thousand hectares of land, the increase averages 5% per year.

One of the key crops for farmers — potatoes. In some areas the whole potato farm. Annually grown more than 20 thousand tons of potatoes (about 20% of the volume in the region), and the quality is not inferior to the yield of agricultural companies.

Farmers grow and 50% of 145 thousand tons produced in the region of vegetables. Only in the Minsk region grown 61 thousand tons of vegetables. And productivity of farmers is higher than the average for the region.

The squares of farming in the region is 3%, by revenue (157,5 million rubles for the year 2018, the data for 2019 is not yet processed) — 5%, and profit (18 mln in 2018) — 14%. The product profitability of farms was 16.8% versus 3.7% in the agricultural area. That is, the effectiveness of farms above.

Our potato goes abroad, and Belarusians are overpaid: how to be?

Among other problems, farmers N. Silin called the insurance, fuel prices and the opportunity to use the benefits to purchase it.

I won’t be able to Wake up and the Internet to include the fuel price! — he stated.

Long known and repeatedly discussed problem with the access of Belarusian farmers to retailers. The fall aggravated the “Apple” question, Silin drew attention to the potato: in Ukraine, Belarusian farmers sell the potatoes for 35 cents per kilo, and in chain stores in Belarus the price — 90 cents.

Turchin recalled that in the first half on the outskirts of Minsk in Logoisk area will start to operate, built on the instructions of President acerinox.

А председатель колхоза сына своего в колхозе оставит работать?

The construction of akarenga. Photo: Dmitry Brushko, TUT.BY archive

— Will look at the mechanisms and patterns of market operation. With those who are ready to trade on a regular basis, we can already conclude preliminary contracts of rent. Rent there is not free, but very comfortable. It is important to flood the market with good quality and inexpensive products assured Turchin.

He noted that not every farmer will be able to put on the market for your seller, so may be the management company that will be able to purchase products from farmers and sell in the market.

— We can’t your “Euroopt” to build, we have no such money, — said Silin, asking about the possibility of farmers to trade with machines as they do on the popular autumn fairs.

— There is a large outdoor area. I think we will do in the market and a permanent regional fair with the sale of cars, — has offered Turchin.

Oh, that’s good! — happy Chairman of the regional Association of farmers.

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