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A claim for $ 900 million against the companies who created the “Spell”

Great success causes envy, and of company Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema had huge success with horror movie the Conjuring and its sequel. Good money earned and spin-off of “the Curse Annabel”, and currently in development are three of the film of the same kynoselen – “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of horror,” “the Nun” and “Crooked man”. Plus , “Curse 3” – we do not doubt that will ever see this movie, right?

Meanwhile, the court filed a claim for $ 900 million against Warner, and New Line. Writer Gerald Brittle (Gerald Brittle) accuses the film Studio that they have infringed its exclusive rights to distribute stories of the couple of paranormal investigators ed and Lorraine of Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga played their role in the “Spell” and “Spell 2”). Brittle argues that these rights were in his possession since 1980, when he published a book about Warren called “the Demonologist” (The Demonologist).

Earlier Brittle was involved in another court dispute associated with the “Curse”, when another writer, Tony Derosa-Grand (Tony DeRosa-Grund) said that he has the rights to the biography of Warren. In the case of Brittle made a statement that “Demonologist” and “Spell” are not related to each other. Case Dersa Grande was abandoned after Lorraine Warren said her signature on the agreements which he was presented in acknowledgement of their rights have been tampered with. New Line made a deal directly with the Warren, and in accordance with the terms of this agreement, the Studio got the rights to create movies based on her life and, in particular, the rights to create movies based on 75 cases described in the so-called “files of Warren”.

Although “the Demonologist” really does not describe the case, which formed the basis of the film “the Conjuring,” Brittle still believes that his rights have been violated, as alleged that he belonged to the exclusive right to create works of art based on those or other Affairs of her Blood.

In connection with this case POPs up a very interesting legal conflict. The fact that the copyright laws do NOT apply to the real historical facts and events. So it seems that no one can have exclusive or any more rights that took place in real life. Brittle, however, argues that Warren simply lied about your encounters with the supernatural. So their stories are nothing more than fiction, fantasies… Fantasies that he has, thanks to the book “the Demonologist,” is right.

For its part, Warner and New Line reacted to the claims of the writer simply demanded to reject his claim entirely.

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