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A child with Coxsackie virus was not allowed to Ukraine

Ребенка с вирусом Коксаки не пустили в УкраинуThe Governor with child cannot return home.

In Turkey, there was another case of infection of a child with Coxsackie virus. Despite the fact that this information was repeatedly denied in the Directorate of culture and tourism of Antalya, Ukrainians still face a virus that spreads very rapidly.

According to Marianne from Odessa, Ukraine tourist resort in Antalya her four year old son contracted the Coxsackie virus and, therefore, on 30 August, they were forbidden to get on a plane.

“Today we tried to fly from Antalya to Odessa and us at the airport was removed from the flight due to the fact that the child has a rash. At the resort, where we rested for several families with Coxsackie virus, so we understood what was happening and had to read about it. The pilot let us off and sent us to the hospital,” says Marianne.

According to the inhabitant of Odessa, the doctor examined the child and said that hospitalization he needs, but the boy is contagious and they can’t until September 2 to fly to Ukraine. However, the insurance refused to pay for the accommodation and flights.

“After a long correspondence, the insurance company wrote us that they will not pay nor stay till September 2, no flights to Ukraine, citing the clause, because we are not in need of treatment and hospitalization. I then said let us hospitalitynet, because we sit in the hospital lobby, go past people, children, pregnant women. But if we are not contagious, and let them give us permission to depart for tomorrow. They tell us: “No, we have such a responsibility will not take because it is very contagious virus.” It went all the way round”, she added.

It is a vicious circle, because you can’t go to the hospital and put on treatment, doctors are also not taken. However, the problem is that doctors don’t even want to specify in the certificate that the Coxsackie virus, although the child has enough clear signs and it is difficult to confuse with something else.

“Technically, the insurance does not pay out, if not hospitalization, that’s why I ask you to specify what is Coxsackie virus and hospitalize us. In the hospital can’t even specify about this in the help, it’s the Coxsackie virus, because then, then you need to send tests to the laboratory. Now they have holidays soon and Eid al-Adha and the results will be not earlier than 10 days, ” says the boy’s mother.

Marianne notes that the rash started three days ago, now I have to wait for the incubation period, which runs until 2 September. Insurance reported that on 2 September it is necessary to hold another examination at the expense of Ukrainians, and no part of the cost the company will not pay because there is no conclusions of doctors.

“My husband and eldest daughter had already departed, and I with my four year old son left. And here we are without food and without water the whole day sitting in the hospital all covered with scabs. I ask them to take the tests, but so far in vain, too, because today it can be done. We sit here and never leave the hospital, we have nowhere to go, ” adds Marianne.

According to the woman, doctors deliberately do not indicate that the Coxsackie virus because they don’t want publicity, otherwise no one will want to go to Turkey.

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