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A broken leg on a sofa wearing will!

Ноги поломаю — на диване носить буду!

Remember the joke about Kadyrov: a broken leg, the hand will wear? That was when the famous burnt by the sun Michael came to Ramzan to the guests for agreeing with him parody him during a speech in honor of the anniversary of KVN.

About the same unpretentious clowning was held last night in Moscow. When Love Sable made directly on the couch from the building of the election Commission, where she decided to have a Kip in honor of the protest.


Today everyone is talking about the absurdity of the actions of the guards, illegal detention, etc. However, all (except for the Sobol’) are silent about how she provoked the security personnel and the police. No one pays attention to the vigor Sable while traveling on the couch, her screams out of the window, clear and loud: “holding Me” where the strength to scream and stretch your hands in a police car, if you’re the starving victim of the regime?


And the victim wakes up in it after another provoked her same apprehension. You just look at the anguish and helplessness evident in the Sable after a couple of hours in the police Department. Almost instant metamorphosis of spirited revolutionaries innocent and the victim. I am sure that with Love to the police all was well and such power spikes, which demonstrates an independent candidate no more than a farce.

I will mention an interesting fact that of the 15 people who refused to register, and those persons interested in prosecution – the greatest sensation only around Sable. Here’s the official list of candidates for the Moscow city Duma in respect of which the Prosecutor’s office began the investigation:

1. Ilya Yashin 2. Dmitry Gudkov 3. Ivan Zhdanov 4. Love Sable 5. Sergei Mitrokhin 6. Konstantin Jankauskas 7. Alexander Solovyov 8. Elena Rusakova 9. Anastasia Bryukhanova 10. Julia Galiamina 11. Kirill Goncharov 12. Maxim Kruglov 13. Dmitry Klochkov 14. Sergey TSUKASA 15. Roman Uneman.

Are none of them willing to make the company Sable in her protests? After all, in their own words, they are all victims of the system. Maybe Sable just the most hyped in the media plan, plus is a woman, from which you can create an image that combines all the burdens of lawlessness, the quintessence of injustice, but are willing to fight to the end?

Love itself will not riding for consultation and approvals, it is supervised by Alexey Navalny. Mr opposition had shown their loyalty to a foreign political strategists.


And work: writing, approval and implementation. Galustyan real opposition, but KVN is not the same.

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