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A brief report on the conference “Stalin – 140”

Краткий отчет о конференции “Сталин - 140”

Last weekend in Moscow hosted the international scientific conference “Stalin-140”, organized by the Moscow Committee of the CPSU-EIF with the support of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU. For the hypnotic mantras of acronyms hides a good job of specific people who were able to collect a decent list of participants for international events on such an embarrassing issue for the bourgeois government. The conference was attended by Belarusian, Belgian, Chinese and Korean comrades reports about Stalin and the situation in their own countries. Known in leftist circles individuals participated in the event, Boris Yulin Igor Pyhalov, representatives of EIF, Alexander Batov, Roman Osin, Ilya Farberow etc. Some of the invited foreign friends are unable to get to Moscow due to unavoidable circumstances.

Краткий отчет о конференции “Сталин - 140”

The conference was held in two days. At the end of the first day the hosts and guests laid flowers on the grave of Stalin in red Square.

Lists of lists, and what about the content? As a direct witness of the first and second day of the conference I hasten to inform you that the event was held at the highest scientific level, except for one incident, but about it below. All reports of the participants differed in their specificity and elaboration on the selected topics. And the themes were: “the Struggle for the image of Stalin in the public mind”; “the Contribution of Stalin to the development of Marxist theory”; “Stalin as the founder of political economy of socialism”; “the Myth of the death penalty for children”; “the Leninist-Stalinist proletarian principles of national democracy and their violation in the post-Stalin period of the Soviet society development became one of the causes of the destruction of the USSR.”

Not to frighten readers, we hasten to warn that a reprint of the reports in this short report I will not deal, will only try to highlight the main directions in the speeches. A complete version of the conference viewers will be able to see, I hope, in the near future on YouTube channel of the red Front. The Communists, the most stubborn in the study of Marxist theory, the experience of the USSR and its generalization, will have to wait until March, when a special edition of the magazine “Soviet Union”, where will be published all papers presented at the conference.

So, on the first day were:


    • Viktor Tyulkin, Secretary of the EIF, the 1st Secretary of the Central Committee of the red Front;


    • Alexander Batov, member of the political Council of the Central Committee party, candidate of chemical Sciences;


    • JEF Bossuyt, Chairman of the Marxist platform (Belgium);


    • Boris Yulin, historian and military expert;


    • Ilya Farberov, head of the Ideological Commission of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU, member of the political Council of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU.


Victor Tyul’kin in his speech advised the young Communists in discussions with the anti-Soviet, less justified, as in the USSR under Stalin far exceeds all of the bugs and kinks, and lies you can coin (and anti-Soviet invent still is) a cart. Another tip is not to blame for the collapse of the Soviet Union on a specific person or group of persons (the Trotskyists CIA agents). The tragedy of the late twentieth century was influenced by the amount of factors that are intertwined with each other, and then fused.

Aleksandr Batov, the report analyzed the most “popular” areas of anti-Stalinist propaganda in modern Russia. The first liberal movement that claims that Stalin is Hitler, a bloody tyrant, killer people eater and devil with a mustache. All touched Stalin, it is bad, but because he was a superhuman with hypnotic abilities, that kept the population under control, he was a hit list, he signed, he brought out the sentence. This idealistic view on thirty years of Soviet history, bordering on madness, is not perceived by the majority of the population, which according to the Levada Center, 70% supported Stalin.

The second direction of attack of the bourgeois-Patriotic. Patriots off Stalin from Lenin assigns Stalin the title of “best Manager” of the Soviet Union or “red monarch”, and the USSR – the title of the “red Empire”. Patriots take the individual facts of the Stalin era (the return of epaulets in the Red army), do not stop the fabrications and forgeries (the flight of the Holy icon on the plane before the battle for Moscow, organized by Stalin himself), and the economic system under Stalin called state capitalism. Supporters of these ideas – some of the “elite” and security forces.

The third area is Trotskyism. Good after Lenin came Stalin is bad and ruined everything. In the Soviet Union came the “Thermidor”, and true Leninists who tried to save the situation, Stalin put to the wall. As we know, only one survived, the most correct and ardent revolutionary, the founder of Trotskyism – Trotsky, but the bloody hand of the executioner and to have reached the last true Leninist. Trotskyists, in the opinion of the Batova, are often intellectuals, who are quite simply afraid of their people, afraid to merge with the “gray mass” after the revolution, that’s why prolonging it indefinitely.

Chewing Bossuyt from Belgium introduced the history of the books of his comrade Ludo Martens “Another view of Stalin” (1994), and told how things work in Communist party of Belgium. Supporters of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, according to Bossuyt, coming hard ideological battles with his opponents in the party. The ideas of social Democrats and reformists are still the strongest in Europe, so Belgian Communists needed the support of friendly parties, including from Russia.

Now about the promised incident. Alone in the participants is the report of the historian Boris V. Yulina. Topic: “the Problem of the sequence of changes of social-economic formations.” Before the speech, Boris V. warned me that to broadcast from a tribune it will be “anti-Marxism”, to which your humble servant had a good laugh and its part warned Boris Vitalyevich, what the hall is equipped with a video camera, and the report will be published. In response made fun Yulin. But when the report was presented to the guests, the hall was not amused. For some 15 minutes historian Yulin cancelled historical materialism and one of the achievements of the classics of Marxism, which revealed a consistent alternation of socio-economic formations among all peoples on Earth (primitive communal, slave, feudal, capitalist and Communist). Yulin called this “paticence” is untenable, since a new array of historical facts it is not confirmed, and that in Soviet times came out of work with a similar idea, he just sounded, but “the inventor of the Bicycle” does not consider himself.

Everything else Boris V. twice publicly said that the class struggle does not exist, since fighting among themselves, “not classes, and the bearers of class consciousness”. But what was this “bike”, said.

Presenters and guests tried to mitigate the situation, in my opinion, the historical blunder Boris Vitalyevich, putting the historian that he mixed up some definitions of Marxism and, apparently, so the stated topic is not understood to the end. But to persuade Boris Mironov, as you know, only Boris V., but real friends can only throw… no, not what a thought… to throw concrete historical arguments to rectify, in my opinion, the historical blunder of the historian. At least you must wait for the videos Boris Mironov at the conference or printing of the report to speak on this subject on the merits.

Closed cohort speakers the first day, the representative of the EIF-CPSU Ilya Farberov. In General, the report was dedicated to the dialectical understanding of the processes in the society. Of course, not without critics. First got the magazine a “Breakthrough” for metaphysical beliefs. According to Berberova, to study Marxism-Leninism completely, and then proceed to practice, as advised by the magazine, is impossible, since Marxism-Leninism is a living knowledge that evolves with practice, and to understand completely only something frozen, has been completed. For example, Stalin was a real dialectician who applied Marxism-Leninism to changing conditions and therefore was able to move so far in the construction of communism. All slander Stalin, he did not build communism – empty and baseless. If we consider the economic and political tendencies of development of the USSR under Stalin, it’s easy to see how weakened the capitalist trends and how trends have strengthened the Communist (lose their value the money, all the property of producing the product gradually became public, was destroyed by antagonistic classes and increasingly erased the boundaries between the collective farm peasantry and the working class by becoming the first state farm workers, etc.).

Second day:


    • Comrades from South Korea;


    • Leonid Shkolnikov (Belarus), Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, first Secretary of the Republican Committee of the Communist party BRO;


    • Comrades from China;


    • Maxim Glebov, historian, teacher and researcher;


    • Andrey Mikhailov, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, a member of the REC MIAN im. Steklov, Professor of Moscow state University, scientific head of the Youth University of modern socialism;


    • Igor Pyhalov, historian and journalist, author of numerous books on the Stalin era;


    • Roman Osin, a member of the Ideological Commission of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU, candidate of philosophical Sciences;


    • Dmitry Kuzmin, a member of the Ideological Commission of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU, journalist and publicist.


Interesting and even exciting was the report of the comrades from South Korea (names are not called at the request of the guests). Basically, the report boiled down to an Outlook for the future unification of the two Koreas into one Federal state. 70 years after a bloody war imposed upon the Korean people by the American occupation, the country and the people can once again become a single entity, about negotiations between the leaders of the two Koreas. However, with all the bright prospects the soul of a Communist, was plagued by vague doubts – whether this initiative is the right choice for North Korea and whether North Korea and its way of life affect the way of South Korea? Two systems and one, albeit Federal, the state today seems utopian creation. Let’s not forget that behind capitalist South Korea are the American imperialists, and who stands behind North Korea, to support socialism? Capitalist China?

Leonid Schoolchildren from yet brotherly Belarus – in its report laid emphasis on the national question in the Soviet Union, though was ingeniously solved in the 20-ies of Lenin, but since that time, theoretically and practically poorly developed. The years went by alternated heads and Leninist formula has remained unchanged and as it is suitable for all times. It is not surprising that the national question has become one of the key issues during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nurtured in the Soviet national republics “elite” have taken away the Soviet Union to pieces and was almost carried off of the RSFSR. Now in the post-Soviet space remains “scattered” Soviet people, “the Soviet nation” that could not emerge during the time of cohabitation on the same territory and a common economic space, since Czarist times, and later in the Soviet Union. Therefore, the Soviet Union must be restored, as there is a “Soviet nation”. The Communists must combine the revolutionary struggle in the republics with the national liberation struggle of the Soviet people – then we will win.

Maxim Glebov reported on Stalin’s policy towards postwar Germany. As you know, after World war II, Germany was divided into “allies” into two States: the socialist GDR and the capitalist FRG. According to the historian, Stalin was ready to “sacrifice” the socialist GDR, to withdraw troops and create a neutral United Germany, but stumbled on to resist these plans are not just “allies”, but the first Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The West is not without fear looked at the unification of Germany under the auspices of the USSR and were afraid of socialist sentiment. Weight United Germany could behave unpredictably if the occupation troops leave the GDR and the FRG. Stalin’s policy on the reunification of Germany after his death to continue wanted Beria, but lived little more than a leader. To the XX Congress of the Stalinist idea finally disappeared from the head of the collective leadership of the Communist party.

As we know from history, the unification of Germany happened in 1990, and the laurels of the combiner went to Mikhail Gorbachev, unfortunately, socialist at that time in the GDR and the USSR was little.

Of industrialization in the USSR in the light of contemporary indicators and calculations the guests of the conference could learn from the report of candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Andrey Mikhailov. His report is probably the most difficult to convey in a short review, because it abounds with accurate figures, therefore, confine ourselves to a statement of fact that, as a scientific method we wouldn’t be having the calculations of economic indicators of the USSR, they are still impressive, and the modern bourgeois Russia and not at all seem out of reach. Russia in many respects has not reached the level of RSFSR in 1989.

Historian Igor Pyhalov invited participants of the conference with him to dispel the myth about the executions of minors under Stalin. On the basis of the documents found in the archives Igor Pyhalov, and following the logic of the laws of the criminal code of the USSR, Stalin’s prosecution in the execution of juvenile offenders, homeless and just innocent children is nothing more than a fabrication of the liberals. A single document (secret circular letter) on which to build the myth of the liberals, has in archive the typewritten copy of the Khrushchev era (1962) and was never mentioned during the trials of the 30’s. of Course, assumes Pyhalov, system could be errors may exceptional cases (the execution of 16-18 year old offenders) could take place during the so-called “Stalinist repression” (1937-1938), Igor V. calls them “Yezhov”. But in General, the punishment of juvenile offenders in the Stalin era was very soft, the highest measure possible, so under normal circumstances could not arise such a precedent.

To complete the story about the second day of the conference I would like not in order of presentation, and paying tribute to the foreign comrades who were able to participate in the conference and to the organizers who ensured their arrival.

The performance of the Chinese comrades today has a special significance and not only because China is today one of the flagships of the global economy. As you know, in the environment of the Russian Communists, the debate continues about whether to consider China a socialist country or a capitalist? The representatives of the left wing of the Chinese Communist party answered this question as follows: in China is not real socialism, the country is run by the nomenklatura, along with entrepreneurs, China is now integrated into the global market, and the Marxist-Leninist rhetoric of the ruling party is only a deception of the Chinese people. The country pursued Marxist circles, repressed activists, the power suppressed workers strikes. The vast majority of young people in China were not educated as agents of socialism. They were brought up in great love for the country and has grown chauvinists.

Mostly in recent years, especially with the gradual withdrawal of the state from regulation of the production and of the economy, the situation of workers and youth have deteriorated. Therefore, in China, the rise of left-wing sentiment, including in the CCP. But the left wing of the party is a mixture of trends (Trotskyism, Eurocommunism, Maoism, anarchism), which are unable to unite, because you’re always bumping into the figure of Stalin.

Was the second day and other presentations, but your humble servant, have not found them already, because left the conference at lunchtime.

Another circumstance to be considered in this brief report that he made notes which he kept during the performance of the participants. Some foreign guests spoke through an interpreter, and some of them reported quite good Russian. But thanks to the format of the event and the patience of the organizers of the many unclear issues were clarified with speakers after their presentations, international visitors were surveyed in greater detail, including the author of these lines, so dramatic contradiction with the reports can not be, but only of errors and not quoting verbatim.

Academic conferences such as this really worthy of a visit, participants ‘ reports of intense study, discussion and, of course, constructive criticism. Thanks to the EIF-CPSU for the event, which 140-year anniversary of I. V. Stalin brought us to an even better understanding of history and reality.

K. Poles

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