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A brave pensioner from Berdyansk helped “twist” the offender

Смелая пенсионерка из Бердянска помогла "скрутить" преступникаCompetent lady quickly caught the attacker and handed him the appeared in time militiamen.

Even law enforcement officers and talk constantly about scams and ways to “fool head”, people continue to fall for the bait malefactors.

However, the old woman from Berdyansk still listened to the advice of police and was able to see through scams, more – spirited pensioner has helped to detain the criminal and to transfer it into the hands of the law.

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– 19-the summer guy took it out of the mailbox of the receipt, copied out the names of pensioners, and then head-walked through the apartments, – have told in a press-service of GUNP of Ukraine in Zaporozhye region. – He represents the old social services worker, said he brought the grant to the pension, but with yourself, they say, have only large bills, surrender will be needed.

Excited with the unexpected increase in pensions old people, not suspecting anything wrong, now climbed into the “piggy Bank”, not particularly hiding from the “social worker”. That, of course, remembered where the money was, and after receiving “subsidies” under the pretext of pensioners were sent from the room – asked to bring a glass of water, for example. And then gutting “caches” the old man.

As easy it seemed and a visit to a lonely 76-year-old woman. The young man acted in the usual way. Called name-the name of the hostess, told about grants. He didn’t know that the vigilant pensioner carefully listens to crime reports and not only listens, but shakes his mustache. The behavior of the young man immediately reminded her of the news about a fake social worker was robbed of several retirees.

– I realized that I had a visit from the fraud, says the old lady. – He seemed nice and courteous, but was hands – big bills, need a change. I decided to outwit him, said that I need a pill to drink because away.

Outside the room, the woman quickly dialed the police and spoke about his “guest.” And then it began to stall for time, distracting the scammer calls and trying to detain him longer in the apartment.

– She’s starting points to look, then a jacket, then the questions to ask the guy, delaying the conversation, – said in Berdyansk city police Department. But he apparently realized that he did, because he hastened to retire.

Though police arrived within minutes, but crook managed to leave. But the pensioner is accurately described his signs, clothing.

The guys began to canvas the area and quickly noticed the guy who was acting suspicious, say police. – Besides, all the signs coincide. He was arrested and taken to the police Department.

Crook shines from three till six years of imprisonment. Now the investigation continues. Militiamen already managed to find out what “the bait” scams have got more than ten pensioners, and “worked” the boy in several districts of the region.

The heroine was very modest, she didn’t ask for rewards, even refused thanks.

– I was doing my civic duty, assured the old lady. – Helped to apprehend the crook who robbed the same as I, ordinary pensioners.

On 9 February, the Kirov district court of the Dnieper began the second session in the case of the accused in the murder of two patrol ex-tornados Alexander Pugachev. First meeting on 27 January actually took place, the suspect is not brought to court because the building was found “technical shortcomings”.

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