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A bloody massacre in Kiev: seriously injured the guy

Кровавая резня в Киеве: серьезно пострадал пареньThe victim was operated on.

On 20 April at about 16.00, in Kiev, armed with knives a group of persons attacked a member of public Association “Social movement” activist platform “Start” and student of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Stanislav Sergienko at the entrance to his home. A young man with multiple stab wounds to a depth of 8-12 cm was in intensive care, where he was urgently operated.

There is every reason to believe that the attempt made by far-right radicals who have repeatedly attacked young opposition leader, and he is the subject of numerous threats. The attackers did not steal anything, and one of them filmed the violence on a mobile phone is also an argument in favor of the version about the political motives of the attack.

Stanislav Sergienko – left activist, has participated in actions to protect social rights of Ukrainians. He supported the Ukrainian student movement and the Union “kievpasstrans”. His actions have always been very peaceful non-violent nature. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Last year, after the may day demonstration Sergienko attacked the extreme right of the “National body”, but the police still hinders the investigation of this case. In early March, 2017 in the center of the city recognized him “activists” and promised the problems with the right-wing radicals, was forced to leave the country.

Responsibility for the attempt on the life of a student yet no one picked up, but today on a site “Censor.No” published an article of the leader of ultranationalist group C-14 Evgeny Karas called “Another Safari separable”. “Yesterday unknown the Lord cut Stasik feet,” writes Karas – “This is not the first, but not last attack on the virus of terrorism that are hiding among civilians Ukrainian streets.”

Now Stas Sergienko has come and is in stable condition.

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