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A bill to ATO has not been discussed in USA and Minsk, – Gerashchenko

Законопроект об АТО не обсуждался в США и Минске, - ГеращенкоThe MP said that the points of the future document to discuss in Minsk, no one will.

The draft law on de-occupation of Donbass in the near future will be discussed at the meeting of the Council and in the informal Minsk “platform” of the Parliament, which includes members of all factions, except Self-help. This was reported by the presidential Commissioner for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbass Irina Gerashchenko in Facebook.

According to her, in Minsk in the framework of the working groups, the bill will not be discussed because “it is the sovereign right of Ukraine” is to improve legislation on de-occupation of territory.

“In Minsk, for example, they discussed the preparation of Putin’s decree on the recognition of fake documents, the fake republics, or the decrees of the fake leaders of the republics about “nationalization”, and in fact, a raider seizure by militants and Russia of Ukrainian property, and those decisions of the Russian Federation, and the transition of the occupied territories to the Russian ruble, was a complete surprise as to everyone else, except the Russian Federation, members of the Normandy format,” she said.

Gerashchenko said that Ukraine in Minsk requires the abolition of all psevdoukazov.

“The draft law on reintegration was not discussed during his visit in the U.S. and in Brussels, no document or bills on any of meetings has not been presented and were discussed. But, holistically, at all the meetings there was discussed the position of the Ukrainian side in the de-occupation, demilitarization, reintegration of Donbass, a part of this plan will also be recorded in the bill, they are completely based on the Minsk agreements”, – summed up the MP.

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