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“A Baker’s dozen 2018”: home horror contest Runet began

At the site of the online magazine DARKER, kicked off the annual literary competition “Baker’s dozen”. While its main page looks a bit empty, but do not let that bother: the event has officially begun. Already accepted stories in the comments are the usual disputes, soon there will be detailed rules and a list of judges.

The current approach of the competition – sixth. Baker’s dozen brings together under its banner the many authors of horror: for both beginners and experienced fighters genre. And the chances of winning are at all. The best stories of the contest can be in a variety of anthologies and magazines, and generally “Baker’s dozen” – a good opportunity to Shine and to get notes to editors. If you write something dark, skip this move is not worth it.

For accepted short stories in the horror genre and those close to him (mystery, Thriller, splatterpunk, zombie horror, Noir, postapocalyptic, dark fantasy, etc.)

Allowed stories that were not published, did not participate and do not participate in any competitions or selections in collections, anthologies, etc., a volume of from 5 to 40 thousand characters with spaces.

One author can submit up to three works (including coauthored).

Stories will be accepted until November 13 at

By the way, using “dirty dozen” you can get straight in the anthology “the worst book 2020”, which will be released next year. A good incentive to write good horror.

In General, come to the contest will be interesting. Good luck to everyone.

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