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85 years old with a Mummy in one video

Again and again opened the mysteries of ancient Egypt, which never had to be opened. Again and again the ancient Mummy rises from oblivion to wreak chaos and death. Again and again brave the main characters one of the main classic horror series resisted the evil, and drove him back to the grave.

This year with the Mummy performed by the beautiful Sophia Boutella to encounter himself , Tom cruise – is not a reason before the much anticipated spectacle to remember all the past incarnations of this horror story on the screens? YouTube channel The Solomon Society will help us make daring excursion into the history, starting from the first 1932 film with Boris Karloff and ending with the upcoming blockbuster.

Movies mentioned in the list:

1. The Mummy (The Mummy), 1932. The Mummy – Boris Karloff

2. The mummy’s hand (The Mummy’s Hand), 1940. The Mummy – Tom Tyler

3. The mummy’s tomb (The Mummy’s Tomb), 1942. Mummy LON Chaney Jr.

4. The Ghost of a mummy (The Mummy’s Ghost), 1944. Mummy LON Chaney Jr.

5. The curse of the mummy (The Mummy’s Curse), 1944. Mummy LON Chaney Jr.

6. Abbott and Costello meet the mummy (Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy). The Mummy – Eddie Parker

7. The Mummy (The Mummy), 1959. The Mummy – Christopher Lee

8. The curse of the mummy’s tomb (The Curse of The Mummy’s Tomb), 1964. The Mummy – The Wild Owen

9. The shroud of the mummy (The Mummy’s Shroud), 1967. The Mummy – Eddie Powell

10. Blood from the mummy’s tomb (Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb), 1971. Mummy , Valerie Leon

11. The Mummy (The Mummy), 1999. The Mummy – Arnold Vosloo

12. The mummy returns (The Mummy Returns), 2001. The Mummy – Arnold Vosloo

13. The mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor), 2008. Mummy – Jet Li

14. The Mummy (The Mummy), 2017. Mummy Sofia Boutella

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