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8 unusual properties of chocolate, which you might not know

8 необычных свойств шоколада, о которых вы могли не знатьAs it turned out, the chocolate is capable of much.

For those who care about their figure, chocolate is a banned product. Although experts say that this dessert has a lot of nutrients. And it would be better if you are at least a piece a day to consume it. Should eat in moderation. Importantly, the chocolate was good quality. Over time you will begin to notice that your body does not change, and the health improves.

Use sweet dessert:

1. A source of flavonoids. The flavonoids – plant substances necessary for the human body. They are the best protivookisliteljami contributing to strengthen the immune system, they activate the work of blood in the brain. The chocolate – based cocoa, just as it contains flavonoids. 50 grams of chocolate daily dose of iron, magnesium, copper, fiber and 300 calories.

2. Chocolate lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In humans there are only two kinds – good and bad. If it’s bad will settle on the surface of the arteries appear plaques. The chocolate is good quality turns bad cholesterol into good.

3. Great anti stress. It has stress hormones. The chocolate you can eat for those who have problems at work or in studies, to increase brain efficiency and to lighten the mood.

4. Decreases the density of platelets – blood cells responsible for blood clotting. If they are too active, you can earn coronary heart disease. And to decrease the number of them eat dark chocolate.

5. Increases energy. One of the main ingredients of chocolate – the caffeine excites the nervous system, gives a person cheerfulness and energy. If you don’t drink coffee in the morning, just eat a piece of chocolate and then your day goes well. If the day is stressful, then a piece of dessert will keep your clarity of mind.

6. Improves the condition of the teeth. Childhood is not just possible to hear from parents that chocolate will damage the teeth, it is not. Harmful is a milk chocolate, but the black pronamel protects your teeth from decay.

7. Chocolate controls blood sugar. So will decrease the possibility of diabetes, you need to eat natural chocolate.

8. Improves the skin condition. Dark chocolate protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, as it contains cocoa. Thanks to the flavonoids in the skin improves the circulation, so the skin appears supple and toned. If you eat chocolate in different amounts, it will bring lots of nutrients.

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