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8-bit toy for “It” – starring SS Georgie!

If anyone has forgotten the super popular the first trailer of the remake of “It”,recall: the same paper boat that bill Denbrough gave his younger brother was called SS Georgie. This boat will carry a strong current in the sewer, and it was there that his monstrous word IT is, to then offer Georgie directly from the dark drain.

Recently the audience waiting for the main horror premiere of the year, the opportunity to walk through the sewers of Derry in an interactive VR movie trailer. Now we are asked to repeat the tour from a different perspective. On the official website of the film there is a game in which you can control the ill-fated boat, floating down the river, and along the way to bring down the bright red balls, an indispensable attribute of a clown Pennywise. By the way, he is in the game also appears as one of the obstacles. How many points from the first attempt can you get?

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“It” is expected in theaters September 7, 2017.

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