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73-year-old teacher from the mural told about life in Avdeevka

73-летняя учительница с мурала рассказала о жизни в АвдеевкеThe mural adorns the streets of the Town.

73-year-old Marina Marchenko, a teacher, whose portrait in October 2016 at one of the houses of the Town painted by a German artist, told me about life in the city, which suffers from constant attacks.

The interview appeared on the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

According to the teacher, the shelling in Avdiivka start around 20:00 and go on until 4-5 am.

“Last night, boom goes the dynamite! The house shuddered, and immediately the light was gone… Kerosene lamps, candles come to the rescue, but the water in the flask, dial (corridor, kitchen – everything is forced 5-liter bottles). However, for water to the well scared to go. Though the gas is there, can soup and wheat porridge to cook. Now and just eat,” – said Marina Grigorievna.

“Early fall on the floor when he heard the sounds of “Grad”, now I’m used to. Yesterday buried the husband of our colleague – a teacher of mathematics. I went to buy milk to his son. After a while passers-by called my wife and told to take husband. Got a splinter right in the head. Young, born in 1973. They have a son who’s five years… And before that, the 36-year-old woman. In the next house, drinking tea in the kitchen, it too was killed by shrapnel… and live. Go with prayer, and when you Wake up, do not understand, alive or not,” she said.

The woman worries that from Monday children will not be able to go to school since February 17 in the boiler room was hit by a shell, and therefore the school is not heated.

73-летняя учительница с мурала рассказала о жизни в Авдеевке

“Pupils of the 11th class will come to my home to do. In my 2-bedroom apartment will fit, there are only 12 people left – the rest had left. We are used to, and testing necessary to prepare for it,” – said the teacher.

She thanked the volunteers who bring in Avdeevka humanitarian assistance.

The teacher lives in the apartment with her daughter and her husband now is on treatment in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In 2014, he came under fire.

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