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7 unexpected reasons of a headache

7 неожиданных причин головной болиWhen you have a headache, a sin of changeable weather.

The headache has a special nature and can occur even in the best days of your life.

If you feel that you have some kind of special pain, then it probably is. When you don’t know how to deal with it – here are some of the cues your body to you. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

You have two X chromosomes
Suffer from headaches 16-18% of women and only 6-8% of men. This injustice linked to hormones in women, especially during certain stages of the menstrual cycle.

Most women suffer from headaches during pregnancy and after menopause, when the concentration of hormones in the blood the greatest.

You need a coffee
If you drink in the morning, a Cup of coffee and passed this ritual on the weekends, every free moment without coffee filled headache. This so-called headache due to the cancellation of caffeine.

Some doctors do recommend that patients headache who regularly drink a Cup of coffee. However, no more than 2-3 cups per day.

You go to bed late
People who have trouble sleeping, suffer from headaches. Most often it is people who have apnea. It is a disease in which a person has difficulty breathing at night and brain not getting enough oxygen.

Besides, if the body enough rest, it can also result in headache. However, doctors advise not to overdo it, because excessive sleep increases the risk of migraines more than the deficit.

You skip Breakfast
Irregular meals and highly fluctuating blood sugar levels can irritate the brain and provoke headaches. Doctors say that it is very important to eat often and small portions and not to forget to drink water.

You are traveling or the weather changed
Extreme changes in the atmosphere can cause migraines. Especially if you climb to the top of a mountain or change the time zone. These oscillations affect the brain and can even cause inflammatory responses.

If you travel often and suffer from headaches – consult your doctor and select the best remedy for pain.

You have constant stress
When you experience stress, your blood pressure and heartbeat increase, and as a result – increased level of the stress hormone cortisol.

This hyperactivity causes the muscles to tighten and can cause a headache.

You are not eating healthy
If you suffer from headaches – you have to give up Chinese food. People who suffer from migraine should follow a diet low in food additives such as MSG (Asian food), nitrates and nitrites (commonly used in processed meat products).

In addition, foods and beverages with tiaminom also irritate the brain. It contains in old cheeses, and red wine.

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