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7 things to do in Finland. Photo

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. ФотоIn this Northern country there are plenty of interesting, remote from the standard tourist routes.

A surprising number: the Finnish cuisine of original and delicious, design Scandinavians (and Finns!) — traditionally a strong side, but the Finnish nature, which care and cherish, out of the competition! Talk about non-trivial activities in the lake district.

To spend the night in the den

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. Фото

Finns equally love the original game and tech, progress and homespun natural denseness. Both happily coexists in the national Park of Nuuksio. Only by car or bus from Helsinki, and here you 50 km2 deaf, but at the same time quite passable forest (there is skiing, Hiking, Biking and horse trails, as well as children and wheelchair users). The main locals are extremely located to tourists deer.

Immediately the Museum is the largest wooden building in Finland, Packed with interactive objects: from plevinski in the spirit of the exhibition “Two of whooper Swan playing chess of life” to a dark little room, once in which you have the opportunity to feel yourself sitting in the nest of a bird looking out from a hollow in the beautiful, wild and dangerous world. If you come in Nuuksio for a couple of days, as usual for residents of the capital, you can try the option “to spend the night in the bear’s den”. Well, or to stay on the more conservative hotel. Plus, of course, to relax in a classic Finnish sauna with no less a textbook and subsequent diving in the lake. Well.

Buy Aalto vase

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. Фото

Continue on the merger of classics and modernity in Finnish. Perhaps its main character — Aalto vase (the second name — “Savoy”), established in 1936, the year architect and designer Alvar Aalto. According to one version, he had the thought, looking at the leather folds of the skirts of the women of the sámi. According to another (advocated by wife and fellow artist Aino), wavy vase design is inspired by the shapes of the lake. Looks thing trendy and utterly classic. Caught the eye (“Savoy” all configurations sold in any self-respecting design shop), almost hypnotizing and will deprive. To fill the “Savoy” can be almost everything from flowers and fruit, drinks and books. Buy — in capital Block Design, where the temptation and common sense converge in the fight at any angle.

To go to a village of dreams

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. Фото

Alteration of disused industrial sites into a cultural space — a global chip (see the Moscow “Red October”). But the Finnish Fiskars is a special case. First, it is not in the city, but relatively far from Helsinki, an hour by car. Secondly, it is, naturally, the village of artists who live here, work and sell their products. The local ironworks closed in the 1980s due to technological backwardness. The village where the workers lived, slowly dying before her, joining together in a cooperative, not settled in the city: designers, potters, jewelers and other craftsmen.

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. Фото

Initially, the craftsmen were settled in the houses (not very expressive but pleasant, as 99 % of the Finnish standard architecture) almost for free. And everything was modest and easily. But over time, Fiskars matured, became a major cultural centre and a venue for concerts, exhibitions, fairs and various festivals. However, despite the popularity with tourists (for you — hotels, restaurants, Hiking and Biking trails), the place manages to be pastoral rural wilderness.

To come for shopping and take a walk here, of course, logical in the season. But a visit chilly early spring has its charm. Most of the shops closed, and generally uncrowded. Stitches-paths, groves, ponds and creeks. Thoughtfully perched on the banks Vasnetsov Alenushka proving to be a local resident. Good clothes, a nice face, which, however, it is clear that the long evenings of the off-season, the lady don’t mind missing a glass or two. Such glorious entities and skillful hands full and in dying Russian villages, for which Fiskars, where work and pleasure could be a role model.

To eat karjalanpiirakka

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. Фото

Tact was never a strong point of the former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi. But in 2005, he particularly distinguished himself, insulting the whole nation. While in Helsinki on an official visit, called a Finnish kitchen is terrible. Local first protested, then realised that Silvio simply does not know how the Finns know how to cook. Themselves to blame: for centuries they mostly ate at home and did not pay much attention to restaurants and gastronomic needs of tourists.

In the end, thanks to the political rudeness, in cities for a few years blossomed the restaurant business. Make sure dining at the restaurant “Savotta”, which is the capital’s main street, Aleksanterinkatu, right in front of the Cathedral. The deliberate modesty of the interiors (a stylized house), and the proletarian spirit names (the institution itself is translated into Russian is called “Plant”, and the menu consists of dishes such as “Appetizer rafters”) is deceptive. Regularly eat in the “Sawatte” can afford only wealthy travelers. But you’re a tourist, so why not make a big splash. Here is not only expensive (even by Helsinki standards), but very, very tasty.

Among the hits — creamy soup of venison and deer, for example, language. But in General everything perfectly, including karjalanpiirakka (translation — “Karelian pies”), pastries, rice, one of the pillars Ugric cuisine. If salmon soup lohikeitto – poem, karjalanpiirakka sonnet. The Finns famously rhyme a variety of ingredients, almost universally, by introducing the berries and preparing the mushroom pate in such a manner that it cannot be distinguished from fish and Vice versa. Proud (rightly) of his slightly salty butter, insisting that fry can only and solely on it. In response to the thesis that in sunflower oil or olive oil is cheaper suchaut. But animated if to admit that served for dessert ice cream with tar is fine — but it really is.

To make an offer hands and hearts

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. Фото

About castle in Raseborg, I did not say that he is like something out of a Disney screen saver. You no soaring towers, no special grace, but some very pragmatic Scandinavian solidity. At the base of a huge smooth boulders; at the end of the XIV century, when the castle was built around it overlooking the sea. At first in Raseborg served to protect trade routes. Subsequently, the centre of administration. In our time in the courtyard and the surrounding area carried out costumed shows and performances.

As well as weddings. If while traveling in Finland, you will suddenly light up to offer the girl a hand and heart, it is logical to do it here. Not too romantic texture Raseborg compensates for a love story. In the mid-fifteenth century king Charles VIII was bored in the castle in the next link (the owner of violent temper and of the living, he managed to correct Sweden and Norway and have been repeatedly expelled). And here fell in love with the beautiful Christine, with the Governor’s daughter, but by monarchical standards is almost a commoner. The Royal relatives, naturally, discontentedly hissed, but they were happy and begot two children. After 10 years, they finally officially got married, six months later Charles died, and Christina was deprived of all dynastic rights. However, this part of the story the girl can not tell.

Finnish whiskey to drink

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. Фото

Summer in Finland is good and in cool times of the year — almost like we have. That is the view outside the window is conducive to melancholy. The Finns treated her so intensely that in the 10-ies of the last century authorities introduced a “dry law”. Like all such precedents in world history, the venture was a failure: the law lasted until the early 1930s, and then the state imposed a monopoly on the sale of alcohol. Spirits are sold at prices a third higher than the European average and not late, in specialized supermarkets.

The state monopoly extends on trade but not on trade: private distillery is one of the newest trends of small and medium national business. In addition to the usual “akvavita”, berry vodka and gin, in recent years, gaining momentum in the production of local whiskey. This is “Finnish whisky” sounds like a joke, albeit entertaining. But trained in Scotland and Ireland distillers, impressive men like this moment from filming the TV series “Vikings”, claim that international recognition of the drink — it is the coming years. Hard to believe, because whiskey’s not bad.

Swim on the ferry

7 вещей, которые стоит сделать в Финляндии. Фото

The Baltic countries and peoples, as a happy family, similar to each other. But there is, as they say in one classic movie, and the little differences. The Finns are generally quite phlegmatic Swedes — sociable. Estonians are largely still our. To briefly get acquainted with Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn allow plying regularly between the cities cruise ferries Viking Line. Depart, say, from Finland today, night float, day walk through the Swedish capital, and in the evening back.

Finns, Swedes, Estonians (as well as in an impressive number of our countrymen) appreciate the ferries not only as a means of transportation — although they are comfortable, and minimal pitching, even in bad weather. Not only as a luxury (prices mentioned three-day cruise Helsinki-Stockholm — from Є30 to 288). Not only as the ability to eat and drink (several restaurants, including a brilliant and affordable buffet, dishes for every taste), changing dance floors, proplast night long or until morning to sit at the slot machines (in case of loss consoled myself with the fact that all funds go to charity). And not even solely a spacious duty-free, which is hard to leave, not having bought a couple of circles of wonderful brie cheese on Є7,5 per kg.

The main thing to do on a leisurely sailing from one country to the ferry is a night to go to the upper deck, under the starry sky, merging with the black sea, to see how huge, beautiful and United world, and how funny people lined the borders of crumbling chalk “classics”, an illusion and nothing. With ashore the feeling passes, and the everyday reality of the covers again, but thank you.

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