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7 foods for a midnight snack

7 продуктов для ночного перекусаFoods that you can eat at night and not to harm the figure.

Be honest, because you do not just have to satisfy your hunger after 18, 20 or even 22 hours? There is nothing to worry! The main thing is to give priority to products that will not harm neither body nor figure.

After a few months you will be able to indulge your stomach with juicy, sweet and fragrant berries. In this tasty snack contains minimal amount of sugar and calories, which means you do not need to worry that you will recover again. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Among all varieties of nuts the almond is considered the most useful. It is rich in valuable vitamin E, fatty acids omega-3 and other beneficial trace elements. Be sure that eating before bed 20 grams of almonds, you will bring your body exceptionally good.

Turkey meat is famous for its high content of protein, vitamins and minerals. It is proven that 150 grams of this meat diet is able to provide the human body daily requirement of vitamin PP. In addition, the Turkey is easily digested, so the bloating and cramps you will certainly not terrible.

Green asparagus contains valuable probiotics that have a positive impact on the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, asparagus is rich in antioxidants, prevent the development of many diseases, among which experts have identified premature aging.

Snack on the basis of mashed chickpeas also may be included in the list of foods for a late snack. This paste contains no cholesterol, and protein content can compete with many products. Besides the hummus perfectly satisfies hunger and nourishes the body with iron and unsaturated fatty acids.

Greek yogurt
Like asparagus, Greek yogurt provides the correct work of intestines. But before you run to the store for this product, make sure that for your body it really useful. If you often experience bloating after consuming dairy products, Greek yogurt before bed should be abandoned.

Just half an avocado would be enough to satisfy hunger and provide the body with the necessary portion of useful minerals. That’s just abuse of the product is not worth it, because in 100 grams of fruit contains about 282 calories.

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