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7 crazy things that great men did in the name of love. Photo

7 безумных поступков, которые великие мужи совершали во имя любви. ФотоHere’s the real story about love to the grave.

In February, 1837, took place the most famous duel in the history of Russian literature – Pushkin fought a duel with Dantes.

As you know, the poet climbed to the bullets not just. He defended the honor of his wife. Because behind every great madness, too, is a woman.

7 безумных поступков, которые великие мужи совершали во имя любви. Фото

Pushkin. It all began two years before the poet’s death. In 1835, at a reception in the Anichkov Palace Natalia Goncharova met a Golden-haired handsome Frenchman Georges d’anthes. He immediately started chasing after the lady. A few months later Pushkin came in the mail an anonymous letter whose author was called “our everything” cuckold and clearly hinted at a connection Goncharova not only with the overseas Imperial guards, but even with the king himself.

Pushkin was furious. Without thinking, he caused the enemy to a duel. Received call Baron Louis Gekkern, foster-father of Dantes (the “celebrant” was then on duty in the barracks) asked first for one day, then two weeks. The poet graciously agreed to postpone the showdown.

And then Dantes made a knight’s move – he offered his hand and heart sister-in-law of the poet Ekaterina Goncharova. The offended spouse under pressure of the environment was forced to withdraw their claims. But the story did not end there. Evil tongues continued to talk about the love Affairs of Natalia. Then Pushkin was sent to the senior Hakkero letter, which famously went on the personal qualities of both father and son, and dismissed both from home. On the same day, followed by a return call. What happened next, we know that. Historians still debate whether Natalia mistress Dantes whether the poet shot himself because of her. Anyway, one beautiful love story we have: Pushkin sacrificed himself defending the honor of the couple, the innocence of which he never doubted.

Paris. In the XII century BC the Greeks razed to the ground “flower of Ilion” or, in our opinion, the city of Troy. Today almost nothing is known about the true causes of the Trojan war. Most likely, they were lying in the plane of economic relations. However, the trade strife is a bad material for the poem, so Homer in the Iliad tells a very different story. The war started because of women, says the narrator.

7 безумных поступков, которые великие мужи совершали во имя любви. Фото

Once one of the 50 sons of the Trojan lords of Priam Paris came to mind to get the most beautiful of women – the Beautiful Helena. The problem was that Helen was already married. And not for anyone else, but for the Spartan king Menelaus. But Paris was not embarrassed this state of Affairs. He invited himself for a visit to the ruler of Sparta, and when he was away on Affairs of state, kidnapped his wife and at the same time she took some treasure from the Royal Treasury. Discovered the theft, with Menelaus Odysseus went to Troy, to demand the return of what is rightfully considered his. But Paris proved to be a stubborn guy. So diplomatic conflict escalated into the ten-year war between a coalition of Achaean kings and Trojans. What is the result? Paris killed, Troy fell under the onslaught of the Greek army, Odysseus had to go home instead. The moral: do not steal other men’s wives.

Pirosmani. Not in 1905, not in 1909 in Tiflis with touring came the famous French actress. On pedestals in the garden Ortachala there were posters “News! Theatre “The Belle Vue”. Only 7 of the tour of the beautiful Marguerite De Sevres in Tiflis. A unique gift to sing chansons and at the same time to dance the cake-walk!” Seeing a portrait of the artist, a local artist and part-owner of the dairy shop Niko Pirosmani instantly fell in love. And in order to fix the result, went to her concert.

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7 безумных поступков, которые великие мужи совершали во имя любви. Фото

After ascertaining his love, Niko sold the shop and the other his property, and with the money bought all the flowers in the city. Soon, under the Windows of the hotel where I lived in Margarita, there were 9 huge carts Laden with roses, lilies, poppies, peonies, lilacs, anemones, hawthorn… What happened next, no one knows. Tell you what seeing a sea of flowers, touched the actress got to his knight and kissed him. But more likely is another version. Not finding your a generous gentleman next to the gift, she sent him a note of invitation. However, Pirosmani was not up to date – he drank up the rest of the money in the pub. When the artist finally appeared at the gate of the hotel, it turned out that Margaret had already left – over tour, or another suitor, the closer and faster, took beauty from the artist.

Nebuchadnezzar II. The Babylonian ruler with the unpronounceable name of Nebuchadnezzar II was famous for his large-scale military campaigns against Egypt, Judea, Assyria. And yet he built one of the seven wonders – Hanging gardens of Babylon. However, the name of the Assyrian Queen in the name of this building was an accident. It would be better to say Hanging gardens Amitis, and here’s why. The fact that the campaigns of Nebuchadnezzar at its neighbors on the continent would not be so successful if he did them alone. For example, to resolve the conflict with Assyria he needed support Mussels. After defeating the enemy, the rulers of the two powers decided to seal Alliance dynastic marriage Nebuchadnezzar had taken as his wife Amitis, the daughter of the Medes king of kiaksar.

7 безумных поступков, которые великие мужи совершали во имя любви. Фото

But here’s the thing: the young Princess could not get used to the sweltering Babylon. She longed for the green woods of their homeland. Then Nebuchadnezzar made the impossible – right in the middle of the desert, he built a flourishing oasis. The hanging gardens was a multi-tiered indoor Park, each floor of which grew lush vegetation.

The best engineers and mathematicians worked on the creation of ingenious communications system that delivers water to every tree growing here. Pumped water, of course, manually – hundreds of slaves day and night engaged in support of the viability of the Park. Alas, today the legendary gift of Nebuchadnezzar were only memories.

Shah-Jahan. Have a powerful ruler of the Mughal Empire Shah Jahan had many wives. But truly close to him was just one of them. In 1612 shahzada married the niece of Nur Jahan, the favorite wife of his father Jahangir. This marriage greatly increases the chances of the Prince becoming owner of the famous Peacock throne of the Mughals. To the amazement of the Shah Jahan, the “party” turned out to be not only profitable, but also extremely pleasant. His whole heart he loved his Mumtaz Mahal (“ornament of the Palace” – so dubbed Jahangir daughter-in-law during the wedding ceremony).

7 безумных поступков, которые великие мужи совершали во имя любви. Фото

For 19 years of marriage, Mumtaz gave birth to His Majesty 13 children. Fourteenth birth proved fatal for them. The death of his wife completely devastated the Emperor. He spent in seclusion for a year, and when it finally came to light, Shah Jahan could not be found. His hair turned white, back hunched, he ceased to wear jewelry and nice clothes. For the ashes of his beloved Sultan decided to build the mausoleum, the greatness of which would reflect the power of his love and the grief. In 1653 on the banks of river Yamuna rose the snow-white Taj Mahal – “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity”. They say that the Emperor intended to erect for himself a copy of the Taj Mahal in black stone on the other side. But, alas, these plans are not doomed to come true. Five years after the completion of the power in the country was captured by the Sultan’s son – Aurangzeb.

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Edward VIII. In the early 30-ies of the heir to the British throne, Prince Edward met Wallis Simpson, the wife of well-known London businessman. They immediately started an affair. Of course, the Prince’s relationship with a married woman (besides, of American origin) just doesn’t like the king and Ministers. But from time to time, this hobby was not taken seriously.

7 безумных поступков, которые великие мужи совершали во имя любви. Фото

And then came 1936. King George V died, all power was in the hands of the enfant terrible. Barely having time to ascend to the throne, Edward has stated that he intends to marry his beloved at any cost. Mrs. Simpson have already started the divorce process. Albion was in a fever. In the issue of the personal life of the ruler of the subjects of the British crown showed rare unanimity in the house of lords, and in the roadside pub is believed that Wallis is neither the origin nor the behavior is not suitable Royal wife. The country went a string of rumors, one better than the other. Said that Simpson only needed the money the spouse that, in addition to His Majesty, she has another lover, she’s an agent of Nazi intelligence, and even that Edward was in sexual slavery. Finally the British Prime Minister put the question bluntly: either the throne or Wallis. The monarch signed the renunciation. “I found it impossible to perform the duties of king without the help and support of the woman I love,” said the king, and was gone.

Henry VIII. However, Edward VIII was not the first English monarch who so wanted to marry for love. To 1525, tired of his lawful wife Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII began to look around. Then his eye caught the lovely lady-in-waiting of the Queen Anne Boleyn. For a long time, Anna received the attentions of His Majesty without much enthusiasm. Ambitious girl obviously wasn’t keen on the idea to be in the role of another mistress of the king. About 6 years Anna has supported the flames of passion in the heart of Henry until he finally decided not to. He admitted the marriage with his first wife invalid and offered the hand and heart of your new lover.

7 безумных поступков, которые великие мужи совершали во имя любви. Фото

This behavior of the English monarch did not like the Roman Catholic Church. Where have you seen that live at the Queen the king married again lamented the clergy. But Henry did not panic. In truth, he had long sought an occasion to deliver his native land from the papal guardianship. His Majesty declared himself the ruler not only of the state but of the Church. From this it followed that communication with the Lord Britannia no longer needs the mediation of the Pope. Henry decided to handle it himself – and with God will understand, and with their marriages. Thus was born the Anglican Church.

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