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64 candidates, and talking about only one thing

64 кандидата, а толкуют только об одном

The CEC began to consider the nominations of 64 nominees on a post of the President of the country.

Denied registration to “active” candidate who led its election campaign, despite the fact that the presidential race has not started yet – Alexei Navalny. However, was the leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.


The second was a candidate to become the independent candidate Pavel Grudinin, which was put up by Communist party.


Round the person of the red Director of “Sovkhoz imeni Lenina” Grudinina already have a lot of questions.

The oligarch, who “grew up” on strawberries, in fact they made the money not so much due to the cultivation of this crop, and as much due to the proximity of the farm to the ring road and from the lease or sale of land. For example, the land was bought by the company “Crocus international” businessman Aras Agalarov, who in 2017 in the list of Forbes was on the 51st place.


Despite the fact that for the seasonal work, the farm attracted labor migrants, however, the sale of apartments to persons of Caucasian nationality Grudinin not in a hurry.


“I say to investors who build apartments: look at the nationality. And if you start to sell the apartments to the wrong people, I’m not going to work. There is such a thing – face control, the investor, before you buy an apartment, a person communicates with everyone. The name of Ivanov – good. Zagorulko – good. Lukashenko – well. Harutyunyan – think. Even though you will have less money. I’m not Rogozin, I don’t think he’s right, but I see that we have a problem. Still need to restrict entry. Why is the number of the Uzbeks?”


About the state farm red Director say that it retains socialist principles and was from a liberal.


The story itself is farm land with sufficient well-known: in 1995, shareholders of the farm were 526 people, and at the moment they are only 40. With more than 40% of the shares are at the very Grudinina, but it is not surprising.


However, in 2006, the police Department initiated a criminal case on fraud in connection with the registration of ownership of land previously owned farm workers. In particular, questions were addressed to Grudinina. The case, which stretches to 2010, suddenly closed.


A couple of years ago Grudinin left for several months without water, the villagers of the settlement of Leninsky district of the Moscow region. Then it was seen as the “arbitrariness of the red master”:

“Grudinin referred to the fact that water supposedly taken from the farm owned by his wells. But he forgot that for water, we — like the villagers — paid. It was just the arbitrariness of the “red master”” — said one of the participants of the conflict.

Only through the intervention of the authorities of Moscow region managed to settle the conflict.


Grudinina have often been compared with Poroshenko as President of Ukraine, is still a businessman-a tycoon, and, as practice showed, to do business, he managed much better.

People who used to make trades and to benefit from land – primarily a businessman, not a politician. Still, the borders of the country, and especially such as Russia, are far beyond the Moscow ring road.


So why Grudinina put forward a candidate from the Communist party?

This course will soon become a “second breath” for the party leader Zyuganov.

According to the politician Sergei Stankevich: “the Nomination Grudinina for the Communist party is a tactical maneuver similar to Lenin’s NEP. For some time use state capitalism as a “way of life”, enabling to form the budget, and to draw the peasants into market relations. After a few years, as we recall, the sprouts of capitalism in the NEP crushed proletarian rink”.

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