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6200L Aurora is a premium smartphone from BQ

Domestic company BQ, which manufactures the smartphones, tablets and accessories, has developed a new smartphone called the Aurora. The model number BQ already have device with such name, and to confuse them is not: the smartphone, which will be discussed, can be distinguished by the index BQ-6200L and is more than relevant for the 2018 and 2019 years hardware (and software) capabilities.

6200L is a new smartphone not only for buyers but also for the BQ because it had not previously produced devices of such a high level. In fact, this is its new flagship, but with the filling from phones for 20-25 thousand rubles, he is only 16 thousand at the time of start of sales and writing of this article.

Offer a test contains a comprehensive examination of the smartphone, except for its disassembly. We will look at its software and hardware capabilities, and will give examples of pictures with his camera, taken in various conditions. Let’s start traditionally with the packaging.



Smartphone BQ Aurora for sale in a very nicely decorated box made of cardboard increased strength – it is very thick and the quality is clearly higher, than the top smartphones from AAA brands. Printing is great – the upper line shows the front panel of the smartphone, and the back shows the back panel in full growth.

Also there is a place under the list of characteristics that are most interesting for potential buyers, plus there is a list of accessories supplied. Compared to other smartphones this is the equipment differs greatly for the better, and she’s almost perfect – lacks only a couple of components.



Itself box BQ Aurora is a small, but roomy. The smartphone inside it is a plastic “tray” under which there is a detailed instruction manual, warranty card, charger on 2 amps (hi Apple with its pathetic 1-amp charging to smartphones over 130 000), clip tray SIM-cards and two protective films, one already applied to screen the proposed second as a spare.

But it’s not complete: there are still data cable, finally, the USB-C instead of the outdated microUSB 2.0! also there is the USB-C at 3.5 mm, as a separate entry under the headphones in a smartphone, as there is no of headphones in the kit. In addition to the “ears”, not enough of the silicone-bumper, because the casing is glossy and gets dirty quickly. Such a cover can be bought on the BQ website, plus on AliExpress have a couple of leather cases.



In terms of “hardware” new BQ Aurora Packed to the maximum, given its low prices. First, of course, again note the presence of USB type-C, and secondly, a smartphone integrated with high-quality face recognition system based on single infrared sensor. Charged the unit a success, for its filling we have no complaints.

– screen: 6.2 inch IPS. 19:9, 2246х1080 pixels (Full HD+);

– processor: MediaTek Helio P60, 8 cores, 2.2 GHz;

– video card: built in, Mali G72 MP3, three cores;

– memory: 4 GB RAM, built-in 64 GB, microSD up to 256 GB;

– firmware: Google Android 8.1 Oreo, proprietary interface from BQ;

camera: front 16 MP, 16 main+5MP;

– battery: built-in, 3000 mAh, fast charging;

– interfaces: USB 2.0 C, 2xSIM, microSD;

– wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, LTE, FM, GPS, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac;

– housing material: plastic;

– case color: dark grey;

features: three-dimensional face recognition, fingerprint scanner cutout in the screen;

– dimensions: 155x76x8 mm;

– weight: 197 grams.


As you can see from the list, a set of specifications, given the retail value of the questions does not cause. Even, on the contrary, I’m surprised the BQ managed to fit so much in one smartphone and hold its value more than an acceptable level.


Protection of information

Before proceeding to the consideration of design and other parameters, we will assess the security plug-in information. Apple iPhone XS Max 130 000 only offers a system of Face ID, which does NOT work in a horizontal position, and BQ Aurora there are facial recognition, and fingerprint scanner. Let’s start with the latter.

Dactyloscopy made at the rear panel of the chassis and slightly recessed into it. Subjectively it seems that its diameter is less than standard, so you can get your finger on it the first time is not always. If you register only one print, of 10 times the scanner works correctly 7 times and wrong 3 times. Add the second scan of the same finger, and the problem of errors in the scan disappears.

The scanner works instantly, no lag, and the screen turns on in less than a second, everything happens very quickly.

Even more interesting is the Face ID face recognition system. In BQ Aurora she, unlike the top of the IPhone, able to work in a horizontal position. The distance from the face to a smart phone for the confident recognition is, according to our estimates, from 10 to 70 centimeters.

The system is based on a separate sensor, which is paired with a front-facing camera. Such a combination provides the possibility of correct recognition even in complete darkness (the screen will slightly illuminate the face). No external lighting of 10 times the system worked 6 times.

In bright natural or artificial light Face ID works without a glitch – 10 of 10. However, the system is not perfect: she doesn’t recognize you with glasses or a beard, or if you close the face with a scarf. That pleases, as she too does not know – means, the algorithms are clever enough. Response time – from 0 to 2 seconds, not longer, and once recognized, the screen rasplachivaetsya automatically – no need to once again hold your finger on it from the bottom up.

The final assessment of systems of protection of information in BQ Aurora – 4.5 out of 5. It is evident that the developers tried very hard.



BQ appearance the Aurora is hardly unique or at least distinctive – this is another copy of Apple iPhone X released in 2017, but that requires modern fashion. Is expressed in the rounded corners of the body, a large cutout in the screen and vertically positioned main camera.

Pleasantly surprised by a really thin screen frame – in the pictures they look wider than in reality. “Chin” is virtually absent, but the phantom touches neither the sides nor the bottom.

The body of the smartphone as glossy and the front panel, and back of the case, and all the ends with the corners of the glossy and very nice in the light. BQ Aurora seems to be completely black, but it is not so: in bright light on the rear panel there are modulations from black to grey, and the photo is even slightly visible. Looks very nice.

The overall design of the smartphone is made perfect, and to pick on you solely to monopoly – why all manufacturers copied the polls this is not the most successful idea johnny Ive, is unknown. But even with her BQ Aurora looks not only expensive and very expensive – put it next to Samsung S8, Xiaomi Mi 8 and BQ Aurora, and it will be difficult to decide which one looks better, but the first two models are significantly more expensive!



BQ Aurora is a great smartphone, so lovers of the iPhone 4 with a screen less than 4 inches and the owners of the tiny hands will not appreciate it. In terms of ease of use it is suitable for all men without exception, as in a hand lies confidently, and women with average size hands will be quite comfortable to work with him.

Despite the glossy edges and the back, the smartphone does not slip from the hands, but still we strongly recommend you to buy cover – gloss on the rear panel quickly covered with a grid of small hardly noticeable scratches that glare on the sun.

The arrangement of the elements BQ Aurora made according to all modern canons: the volume buttons and the inclusion on the right side and located at a small distance from each other, the tray under the card hidden in the left side, and the bottom is a microphone, the main speaker and symmetrical USB port. the cable supplied is very thick and durable braid and will last a long time.

Front BQ Aurora is only a screen with a cutout in which is located the main camera, voice speaker, sensors and the sensor Face ID. The touch control buttons are not – they are now virtual, but it can automatically disappear from the screen, not to interfere with the content. Plus they take up little space on the display and have a transparent background.

Side buttons a little tight, but press without serious effort. They are large and easily located by touch. The main speaker does not close hand, and the fingerprint scanner is easy to feel even with the case. The location of the primary camera standard for 2018.

Smartphone by default, you cannot manage with one hand because of its size, but in the firmware there is a corresponding function that reduces the working area of the screen to any angle you can reach with your thumb.



The basis of the display BQ Aurora is a modern IPS panel, which has no visible and the more critical glare. Black shade will not fade, and there’s these green and purple hues, characteristic of AMOLED panels. No problems with viewing angles – it is fair to 178 degrees vertically and horizontally.

Slightly spoils the impression of the unibrow, but programmatically it can be removed, turning it into a virtual upper frame. Many probably will do so.

The brightness is very high – the number bat the manufacturer is not indicated, but reading information is not necessarily a problem and the room brightness can be reduced to almost minimum. In addition, there is a function economical illumination (not to be confused with automatic brightness).

The sensor layer processes the five touches simultaneously is the optimal value for a modern smartphone, most of it is not required. Tach works equally well over the entire area of the screen, triggering the phantom from the palms were not observed.



When playing music and any other sounds in BQ Aurora works only with the main speaker, but this particular smartphone is not a disadvantage. The sound quality is a solid 6 out of 5 points, because the sound is not just loud – he’s very loud and intense. There bottoms, MIDs and treble, nothing is cut, and listen to music on this smartphone is really a pleasure!

Again, the speaker volume is off the charts – for comfortable listening takes half the volume, and maximum values there is no rattling and scratching noises. Speaker, apparently, very high quality.

Earpiece, alas, such accolades do not get it. It is ideal in terms of the quality of the generated sound, but the volume is not enough for him – during a conversation in a quiet room the volume level close to maximum for a comfortable conversation. The microphone does not cause problems – moderately sensitive, has a good wind resistance, but the system of suppression of noise in this model is not provided.


The camera

The camera in BQ Aurora have a lot of possibilities and fine-tuning, and built-in filters, and even FaceMoji, the analogue of the “Apple” function AniMoji. FaceMoji works with front camera and sensor Face ID and quite well cope with their responsibilities. There are several virtual characters, and algorithms detect movement of eyes, eyebrows and lips. Lacks only the language, but the best is the enemy of the good. You can record short videos with the characters and then share them on social networks or messengers.

The front camera is able to capture great quality images day – photos with the red BMW made it. The function of portraiture works relatively well, but the background blur is not always correct, therefore it is not advised to do a selfie with depth of field. Normal – please, quality will be quite pleased with. What’s missing from the camera’s own flash is used instead briefly fill the screen with white, but this solution will not replace the led.

The main camera works even better front, including at the expense of a very bright flash. The photo with the building – it’s her job. The second module allows you to correctly determine the depth of field and focus not only on the front and back, thereby exactly determining the subject. The failures of the regime are rare, but there is – in a dim office light there are small errors in the blur algorithm. However, nothing critical.

We took some pictures with BQ Aurora, including day, night, office and background blur. Download from our Yandex.ROM at this link. The archive weighs about 73 MB.



By default, BQ-6200L installed Google’s Android OS 8.1 Oreo, almost the most recent version at the time of this writing. Firmware augmented significantly redesigned user interface – similar to Google Material UI, but has many tweaks.

For example, a redesigned camera interface, settings menu is more thoughtful and comfortable, new design off menu reboot, and built-in managers deleting unnecessary files and copying information from another smartphone or to another smartphone. All this makes the smartphone more convenient.

In addition to the above there is support for gestures and smart gestures, an additional virtual button to quick launch the most requested features and applications, and a configurable desktop grid. In addition, there is a separate application with skins, but their is only four, and the ability to download new themes not yet available. They change the style of app icons, desktop picture and making the top of the blinds.

Along with this firmware BQ Aurora offers two control options – using the traditional Android buttons or using gestures in the style of Apple’s iOS. The second option seemed uncomfortable – buttons are better and more familiar.

Preinstalled emergency app in your smartphone regarding a lot of seven, five of them can be removed, and two programs from Yandex sewn into the OS itself. Included is a full version of Dr. Web, but it can be activated with pre-registration, and only for 14 days free trial. It’s better to delete it and install the basic free version of Dr. Web Light without registration and activation.

After the first boot, the smartphone employs 1.8 GB RAM of 4 GB and 13.2 GB ROM 64 GB. Remove the pre-installed software frees up a lot of space in ROM, as well as disabling unnecessary apps clears your RAM.



BQ Aurora – this is probably the most powerful and fastest smartphone for the money. Its firmware perfectly optimized and does not slow down under any circumstances, but in synthetic tests the device shows excellent results.

AnTuTu put the smartphone 136659 points GeekBench – 1515 and 5753 points in single-core and multi-core modes, and game test 3DMark with package Ice Storm gave 21334 points. For smartphone for 16,000 rubles performance is not just great, they are unattainable for 90% of the competitors for the same money. In the process of testing BQ Aurora is practically not heated.

Add that to a full scan by Dr. Web Light showed no malicious files in the smartphone.


Work offline

Smartphone BQ Aurora is powered by built-in battery capacity of 3000 mAh. By the standards of 2018 this is a good indicator, but in the same price category there are models with 3500 and even 4000 mAh.

However, BQ-6200L demonstrated a decent indicator of autonomy: after the first activation, without any fine tuning and removal of third-party software, he spent almost two days in standard for most people operation. Battery lasts for 6 hours of playback Full HD video from YouTube over WI-FI, 10 hours of playback of streaming audio (off screen) or five hours of games. Charging time from a standard memory with a standard cable slightly less than 2 hours. Heating of the battery was not fixed.


Pros BQ Aurora

– large, bright screen;

– USB interface-C;

modern firmware;

– face detection;

– quality cameras;

– rich sound;

– advanced package.


Cons BQ Aurora

– the lack of a separate headphone connector;

– soiled body.

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