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61-year-old mother Kardashian is ready to bear a child for her daughter

61-летняя мать Кардашьян готова выносить ребенка для своей дочериFor anybody not a secret that Kim Kardashian is dreaming again become a mother.

It has repeatedly consulted physicians, but they, unfortunately, made her bleak verdict: she’s no longer allowed to give birth. So the star of the American reality show thinking about surrogacy.

While Beyonce holds a party in honor of their future children, her friend Kim Kardashian can only dream about motherhood. Almost immediately after the birth of her second child she decided to again give birth to the baby. But doctors, in view of the possible serious complications, forbade her to give birth. So Kim Kardashian is thinking about surrogacy, although he said that in the first place it is necessary to restore the ratings of the reality.

Now the Western press vengeance writes that the 61-year-old mother Kardashian Kris Jenner invited my daughter to bear her third child. It would seem that in such an elegant age due to the physiological reason a woman can’t give birth, however, after examination, doctors noted that Chris is completely healthy and no health threat can become a surrogate mother to her grandson. If this is true, is still unknown. And even if so, it is not clear whether agree Kim Kardashian that her mother carried her child.

Like everything else in the Kardashian family, this story is steeped in speculation. We are watching the situation for this reason.

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And we remember that recently the Western tabloids wrote about the fact that Kanye West dumped Kim Kardashian with her two children.

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