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61-year-old Larisa Dolina surprise party guests with the “new” face


47-year-old Anzhelika Varum gathered the star guests at the presentation of the new album “Woman walking”. Among those who came to congratulate Varum, was and Larisa Dolina. The photographs that were made during the festival, 61-year-old singer is almost unrecognizable. The facial features of the artist has changed so much that it can be easily mistaken for another person. It is possible that recently the Valley has resorted to anti-aging treatments. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of youth Larisa has lost its individuality.

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Анжелика Варум и Лариса Долина

Лариса Долина и Филипп Киркоров

Лариса Долина в 2013 году

Лариса Долина в 2009 году

Лариса Долина в 2005 году

Лариса Долина в молодости Фото: personastars

At the presentation were also seen by Philip Kirkorov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya, the singer Jasmine, Lev Leshchenko and others.

Анжелика Варум, Наталья Подольская и Владимир Пресняков

Игорь Крутой, Анжелика Варум и Лев Лещенко

Леонид Агутин и Анжелика Варум

Николай Агутин, Анжелика Варум и Леонид Агутин

Жасмин, Анжелика Варум и Филипп Киркоров

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