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6 signs of chronic fatigue, you should be aware of

6 признаков хронической усталости, о которых вы должны знатьDid you know that chronic fatigue is an illness that should be treated.

They say that if you like the photo in your passport, you urgently need a vacation.

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Enough to go to bed late, getting up early, lots to be nervous about, nothing to have time to sit for 8 hours a day on not very favorite work. Oh Yes! Still need less to breathe fresh air and spend most of their free time in social networks.

1. Defective sleep
Sleep, after which you are feeling rested is one of the most common signs of chronic fatigue. You Wake up in the morning and it feels like never went to sleep. Even if the dream has taken the required 8 hours.

2. Malaise and frequent colds
A tired body is a weakened body, so the person with chronic fatigue often catches a cold and is sick. This is due to a weakened immune system.

You may feel weakness, body aches, overall, as the doctors say, malaise. In the appendage of the nose can flow, and the lymph nodes become enlarged.

3. Absent-mindedness
When the brain is overloaded, to focus on anything for it is a serious problem. You are trying to work, and the head does not think. In her fog, and you’re not even the second time they grasp the essence of what is happening. Sometimes, to understand information, you need to read it 10 times. No kidding.

4. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract
According to some doctors, bloating, constipation and gastritis are associated with permanent fatigue. This is largely due to improper nutrition, excess weight and toxicity of the body that impair health.

5. Pain in muscles and joints
Joint and muscle pain, swelling are considered, traditionally, the symptoms of fibromyalgia. But can also take place in the presence of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). The cause of these symptoms are also rooted in a weakened immune system.

6. Sensitivity to light
Blinding sunlight as well as bright electric, with CFS delivers serious discomfort until severe headaches. So often chronically tired people are forced more often to push the curtains and to wear outdoors sunglasses.

If you experience more than two symptoms, you should definitely take this into account. There is no opportunity to take a few days off – let’s see the doctor! The physician probably will prescribe you the right combination of vitamins will provide the necessary guidance.

Of course, most of them are simple and obvious (healthy sleep, daily routine, walking in the fresh air, gentle exercise), but in any case to make it all better under the supervision of a physician.

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