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6 of the best coffee body scrubs

6 лучших кофейных скрабов для телаScrub of coffee is the best remedy for cellulite, blackheads and excess inches.

To cleanse the skin of the body can be used as a coffee grounds after brewing coffee, and ground coffee.

To prepare the scrub of coffee is usually mixed with vegetable oils, cream. This mixture is rubbed into the body, and then wash it in the shower.

Peeling with coffee and cream
Take 20 grams of sour cream and 40 g of fine ground coffee and mix. Scrub apply to body massage movements, then leave for 15 minutes so that the cream can nourish the skin. When the scrub dries, it can be washed off in the shower.

Body scrub
1 Cup fine oat flakes diluted with water to make a thick paste, add 2 tablespoons coffee grounds from brewed ground coffee, 1 tbsp grape seed oil, 1 tbsp jojoba oil and 1 tablespoon apricot oil. Stir, add a little warm milk if the mixture will be very thick. To take a shower to keep your body clean, then apply on the skin scrub with massage movements and leave for 10 minutes. You can do light massage on different parts of the body. Then scrub rinse and lubricate the skin moisturizing cream or gel.

Scrub for dry skin
3 tablespoons coffee grounds from brewed coffee to dissolve with 3 tbsp any vegetable oil or thick (30 % aqueous) cream. Apply the mixture on the body with massage movements, hold for 10-15 minutes and rinse in the shower.

Scrub to fight cellulite
3 tbsp of ground coffee pour 100 ml of boiling water and brew 10 minutes. During this time, take a hot shower, the skin was steamed. In coffee add 1 tbsp. of honey and stir thoroughly. Then this mixture apply on problem areas massaging movements, but without undue pressure. After 10-15 minutes take a warm shower or to wash off the scrub with areas of the body.

The skin in these areas becomes elastic and smooth.

Exfoliating and moisturizing scrub
50 g of freshly ground coffee mixed with 3 tbsp of olive oil. Take a hot shower (to steam the skin), then she applied the scrub with light massage movements. After 10 minutes take a warm shower then on the skin, apply a nourishing cream or gel.

This procedure deep cleans the skin, improves blood circulation and stimulates cell regeneration.

Scrub with coffee and salt
Mix 1 Cup of sea salt, 100 g ground coffee and grated (can be dry already) zest of one orange. The scrub is applied only to the body soaped and pounded washcloth. This scrub can be put in a sealed container in the fridge and use several times.

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