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6 myths about food that it’s time to stop believing

6 мифов о еде, в которые пора перестать веритьIn the field of healthy nutrition and lifestyle is circulating a lot of myths associated with food.

In modern life are so judgmental about food that we can get lost.

However, most of them have already been dispelled by scientists and doctors.

Nutritionists talked about the most popular myths about food.

Don’t cut meat on wooden plates
It is considered that particles of meat remain in the cuts in the tree, and it promotes the growth of bacteria and transferred to the next foods you are cutting. Therefore it is better to use plastic or glass boards.

This is not true: the natural properties of wood do not allow bacteria to multiply. So over time they just die. Besides, plastic has no antibacterial benefits.

Salt water boils faster
Salt really changes the boiling point of water, but it all depends on its concentration. To water really boil faster, you have to add a lot of salt.

The amount of salt that we usually add to the dish, changes the boiling point by only a few tenths of a degree, so in fact it is almost imperceptible.

Low fat foods are good
This is not so. Fats are necessary even when losing weight, because without them the body cannot absorb nutrients from food. A deficiency of fats leads to malfunction of the nervous system.

Most of the low-fat products contains little healthy fats and a lot of different applications and substitutes. So carefully study the product when you purchase. It is better to choose products with a small percentage of fat and to eat more fatty acids (avocados, salmon, flax seeds).

8 glasses of water a day
There is no universal amount of water that needs to drink every person. Listen to your body and does not need forced to pour water in yourself, because “as they say in the Internet”.

Water is essential for normal functioning of the body, but 8 glasses a day – is not a panacea for all ills.

Eggs raise cholesterol
The level of blood cholesterol is affected by many fats and TRANS fats. Eggs very few of them, moreover, only part of the cholesterol from egg yolks is absorbed into the bloodstream.

To abandon the eggs because of the cholesterol fear is not necessary, because they contain a lot of vitamins and mineral substances, necessary for normal functioning of the body.

After 18 is not
This myth is especially popular among those who want to lose weight. Here, however, we should correctly understand the digestive system.

It is believed that food before retiring for the night will not be digested and all the calories will turn into fat. Yes, during sleep the digestive process slows down but does not stop.

You should eat 4 hours before sleep and eat right during the day. Because if you day overeat fast food and cakes, the abstinence from food after 18 you are unlikely to help.

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