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6 magic properties of vitamin C, which you had no idea

6 волшебных свойств витамина C, о которых вы не догадывалисьVitamin C is very useful to maintain immunity of our body.

Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining our health.

Often the foods that contain this vitamin, we lean in winter when the immune system is drastically reduced (a cold or flu do not want to). Today we will tell you what other properties is famous for vitamin C. Guarantee some of them you do not even know.

1. Helps to lose weight

According to a study by the American College of nutrition, published in the same magazine, you will burn 30% more fat during moderate exercise if you have blood levels of vitamin C will be normal in comparison with those who have it low.

2. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Epidemiological and observational studies have demonstrated an Association of vitamin C with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, lowering blood pressure and reducing the incidence of stroke. Vitamin C improves the function of blood cells and enhances vascular relaxation. This allows blood to move more freely and reduces the risk of heart problems.

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3. Protects the skin from sun damage

According to research International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research, Vitamin C may reduce the risk of developing melanoma. Scientists do not yet have a clear idea about how the vitamin acts on the skin, but they are convinced that aging and ultraviolet rays reduce the amount of nutrients in the skin. The local application of Vitamin C protects the skin from sun spots.

4. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s response to stress, environmental pollution, and even your today’s training in the gym (but that’s not the reason to cancel it!). Inflammation leads to the creation of free radicals, which damage healthy cells and vitamin C fights free radicals, thus helping your body to rid of inflammation.

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5. Reduces the duration of colds

Not without reason our mums every time for colds told us to eat more vitamin C. But in fact, fighting a cold is one of the most controversial properties of vitamin C. nevertheless, vitamin C is one of the few vitamins, due to which our immune system is functioning well. But one thing is certain: the stronger the immune system, the fewer sick days we’ll have to take the cold season.

6. Has anti-cancer properties

One of the most interesting benefits of vitamin C is its ability to resist cancer. Research of the National Institute of health showed that when intravenous vitamin C effect of chemotherapy on cancer cells is enhanced (especially in patients with pancreatic cancer). Other studies have shown that intravenous administration of vitamin C improves the quality of life of cancer patients.

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