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6 foods for winter diets

6 продуктов для зимней диеты Consider which products you want to include in your daily diet.

We offer foods from nutritionists that will help you not gain extra pounds during the cold season.

You will feel very easy. This diet will help your health.

Eggs. Nutritious protein Breakfast! But if you don’t like to eat them in the morning, turn them on in the daytime or evening menu.

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Beans are rich in antioxidants and helps to regulate blood sugar levels, thereby curbing the appetite.

Almonds. According to many nutritionists, the secret to successful weight loss – frequent and smaller meals throughout the day, which helps prevent overeating in the evening. Almonds with fresh fruit is the best snack, as almonds are rich in fiber.

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Yogurt. Dairy products are an additional help for digestion and can always be an alternative late dinner.

Sauerkraut. It can serve as a complement to meat, fish and potatoes.

Orange is the most delicious and healthy fruit for the winter! Eat oranges for Breakfast with oatmeal and nuts.

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