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53-year-old Lolita celebrated a wedding anniversary with 41-year-old husband


Mar 20, 53-year-old Lolita and 41-year-old Dmitry Ivanov said seventh wedding anniversary. In his Instagram singer posted a photo with her husband and congratulated him on the occasion.

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“Congratulate us on the seventh anniversary of living together!) Dima, I don’t sugar. And you too, sometimes not honey). But maybe that’s why we well???))” signed frame of the star (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).


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Recently the relations of the spouses have been severely tested for strength. At the end of last year, Lo said that Dmitry was in a cult associated with NLP and Scientology. According to star, for the time that Dmitri attended “trainings”, he’s from a good and sincere man turned into a cold and reasonable. Palladium has not heard from her husband’s gentle words and wishes of good luck before the concert. Before he surrounded her with care, and then became like a stranger.


Fortunately, lolita was able to persuade her husband not to visit any more “personal growth training”. Now Dmitry realizes that five days of training he has really changed, tried to alienate relatives who are worried about him. According to Ivanov, these courses are just a business that hurts people, makes them slaves.


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