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50 shades of red: First look at Dakota Johnson in the remake of “Suspiria”

When the young actress starred in the movies like “50 shades of grey” you have already can predict its future destiny, good examples of how the career evolved stars “twilight Saga”, still fresh in the memory. Like Kristen Stewart, Dakota Johnson will try to prove the critics, the audience and herself that she still has acting talent. Will star in the independent film, in ambiguous projects… in Fact, the process has already started, given that she played in the Giallo remake of “Suspiria” (Suspiria). And although the release date of the film has not yet been approved, we have the opportunity to see Ms. Johnson in the way.

The Network emerged some photos that are apparently taken by the paparazzi, as the quality of these images leaves much to be desired, and the people in the photos obviously were unaware that someone had removed. The last thing we heard about this project was hearing about the fact that the music for the film will write Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Dakota in the pictures, frankly, does not look so hot. However, the red hair of her face – and allows you to forget the annoying heroine of “50 shades…”. Plus in the frame for several photos got another actress, Tilda Swintonthat just gives the whole pictures a certain charm and style.

Recall that in the film a young girl goes to Berlin to enroll in ballet school, which selected a coven of witches for the Sabbath carrying…

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