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5 ways to relieve pain in the critical days

5 способов унять боль в критические дниModerate pain during menstruation occur in approximately 70% of the women and girls of childbearing age.

Pain and discomfort during menstruation, but unfortunately they cannot be avoided, but just to facilitate.

Essential oil of frankincense
To banish evil spirits essential oil of frankincense is unlikely to help, but to facilitate PSM – task quite feasible. The fact that it has a deep balsamic flavor, which in turn helps to balance hormones, to get rid of feelings of anxiety, irritability, anxiety and helps fight insomnia. It is enough to apply a few drops of oil on your wrist.

Evening primrose oil
Evening primrose oil in 79% of the fatty acids that the human body produced in microscopic doses. But with age, their number decreases, so it is important to support balance in the body. These substances have anti-inflammatory action, normalizes female hormonal balance and strengthen the immune system, so evening primrose oil in capsules are recommended to take to ease painful menstruation, and also for PMS.

Tea made from raspberry leaf
By scientists it has been proven that raspberry tea facilitates the manifestation of premenstrual syndrome, and reduces the intensity of the discharge in cases of heavy menstruation and menopause supports the coordinated work of the adrenal glands, stimulating the synthesis of hormones.

Bath salt is English lavender
A warm bath helps to cope with PMS and just relax after a hard day. To enhance the results, it is recommended to add soothing salts with extracts of English lavender. Bear in mind: the water should be warm not hot.

Foods high in potassium
One of the causes of severe pain during menstruation may be a lack of potassium in the body. Therefore, during the cycle and a week before the onset of menstruation, it is recommended to add in your diet as many foods rich in potassium.

If you often suffer from PMS, you better consult your doctor!

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