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5 secrets of regular skin care

 5 секретов регулярного ухода за кожейThe skin remained beautiful, we must develop the habit of courting her every day.

Skin care beautiful ladies pay probably most of your time.

Those who are lucky enough to have a good skin, like to keep it in that state longer, and women who are not owners of perfect skin, by all means try to make it so.

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Experts believe that a few healthy habits to get closer to the ideal.

Quit Smoking and protect yourself from the sun
Scientifically proven: the ultraviolet and nicotine adversely affect the appearance of the man and his skin. In the experiment conducted with these goals, the experts compared the photos of 186 pairs of identical twins and I have analyzed the profiles containing detailed data about their lifestyle and habits. It turned out that Smoking and spending a lot of time without protection in the sun look much older than their brothers and sisters, leading a more healthy lifestyle.

Do not overdo it with makeup
Dermatologists believe: frequent practice of simultaneous use by women a large number of cosmetics is wrong. A fair number of ingredients often leads to skin irritation and in addition, some components negate each other’s effect. Experts believe that in a basic set of cosmetics for skin care need to sign a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. In addition, the easier it is for you, the more chances that you will be strictly and regularly abide by it.

Not often change the cosmetics
A frequent change of care products might harm the skin. There are cases when a woman is using the tool a week or two and not seeing the immediate effect, decides that it is not appropriate and buys the next tube or bottle. Dermatologists advise to give more time to the makeup, to allow it to show its effect. Use a cosmetic need, until the end of the jar or tube, and only after this it can be concluded effectively this treatment or not.

Drink vitamin a
Retinol, also called vitamin a, fights wrinkles, reduces acne, promotes the production of collagen and improves overall skin texture. However, preparations of vitamin A can cause skin – peeling and redness. Therefore, they should take in small doses – 2-3 grain overnight in 2-3 days.

Watch your lifestyle and eat right
First of all, pay attention to the duration and quality of nighttime sleep. It was at this time in our skin, there are processes of cell renewal and the growth of collagen fibers which are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Experts advise to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Physical activity and exposure to fresh air to improve circulation and flow of nutrients to the skin. Include in your diet more vegetables and fruits and fat and heavy meat products, sweet and pastry dishes it is better to refuse.

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