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5 reasons to start taking cold showers

5 причин начать принимать холодный душA cold shower is not only healthy, but also brings psychological benefits, helping us to become better.

Cold water improves blood circulation, promotes the production of endorphins and increases your productivity. Of course, if you can stand a cold shower.

Cold showers have many advantages. He’s healthy, and it brings psychological benefits, helping us to become better.

1. Strengthens will power
A cold shower is a great exercise for developing will power and without it in life will achieve nothing. It is thanks to her you can quit Smoking, learn to control their emotions, eat right, go to bed early, to earn more, to be kinder.

Willpower is like a muscle: she became stronger, her need to train.

In addition, the researchers found that developing willpower in one area (for example, adhering to the strict training plan or strategy in Finance), we are strengthening it in others: eat less fast food and alcohol, watch less TV.

To begin to train the willpower, enough one minute a day. Before in the morning to get out of the shower, just turn on the cold water and stand under it for a minute. Yes, it’s frustrating, but that’s the point. But you get out of the shower fresh and focused. Making it a habit, you strengthen the will power in all spheres of life.

2. Develops patience
You need to be able to tolerate the discomfort. Starting small (for example, not to scratch where they itch) you will train yourself not to respond to unpleasant physical sensations. And over time, will transfer this ability to other areas of life. For example, if someone cut you on the road, though you will feel a rush of adrenaline, but will not let emotions get the better of you.

What it has to do with a cold shower? Very simple: a cold shower increases the ability to tolerate discomfort, and this in turn reduces stress.

3. Helps to accept change and be thankful
Strengthening the will power of the cold shower, you develop patience. Becoming more patient, you learn to accept the changes that inevitably occur in life. Such acceptance is directly connected with gratitude. Because if you do not learn to accept the bad, you will never appreciate the good.

4. Similar to meditation
No wonder many practices of meditation include breathing exercises. When we focus on our breath, we concentrate on the present moment.

A cold shower enhances this effect. While we are under the cold water, we breathe faster and more often, and our attention simply can not switch to the past or the future. It focuses on breathing, that is present.

It turns out, each a cold shower is like a short meditation and an opportunity to briefly forget about the problems and anxieties that accompany us day by day.

5. Teaches humility
To experience humility useful. And a cold shower is a great way to give yourself a psychological kick, because in the cold are all equal, even the greatest people.

And the humility you need. If you take a cold shower regularly, after a month or two you will notice a change: you will become calmer, more energetic, more disciplined. A cold shower always remind you: you are no better than others, we are all the same. No matter how strong you think, the cold can afflict any.

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