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5 main councils of preparation to cold

5 главных советов подготовки машины к холодамWhen you need to change to winter tires.

Winter is just around the corner, so your car need to prepare for the cold operation period.

Experts advise to change to winter tires when the average temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius. With the weather as summer tires starts to become hard and the grip is deteriorating.

When choosing an oil, consider the climate of your region and the recommendations of the manufacturers. Each brand of oil has its own designation.In cold weather it is better to use oil with low viscosity. Today it has become quite a popular all-weather facility.

The most vulnerable to changes in temperature is washer fluid and need to be replaced according to the winter temperature regime. This will allow you to feel safe in the snow, rainy weather and not worry that the liquid will freeze in the fluid reservoir, nozzles or directly on the windshield.

If possible should inspect the brake pads, tighten the Park brake cable. If pads require replacement, then pay attention to the cylinders. If their surface has a brake liquid, cuffs are worn, so they also require replacement.

Inspect the battery for cracks, clean the contacts and the upper plane of the housing. Terminals must be clean, dry and oiled to prevent corrosion.

On special requested to check the level of battery charge and charge or replace the worn out battery, if necessary.

Windshield wipers and doors
In the autumn should also check the condition of the wiper and lubricate the door seals with special silicone spray that will protect you from freezing of doors during severe frosts and extend their lifetime.

However, I advise you not to be limited to a cursory examination of the car, and in the offseason to call the service station that will do a full diagnosis of the car before changing weather conditions and will save you from possible trouble.

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