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5 lifehacks for the autumn Jogging in the street

5 лайфхаков для осенних пробежек на улице

Then came the cold but that is no reason to abandon the idea of street fitness! Together with the senior coach of cross-country clubs Nike+ Run Club, we have gathered for you 5 lifehacks for Jogging on the street.

1Найди company

We do not doubt your commitment, but all are the presence of like-minded people increases the chances of winning in any endeavor and fitness is no exception. Boyfriend, husband or best friend will be clearly in the black, so there is a win win.

2Ищи new routes

Diversity is cool. We’re not talking that you should do something else instead of daily monotonous Jogging, we only suggest you to learn new routes instead of the well-trodden paths.

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3Одевайся layered

Nothing kills motivation as a bad Association. In the case of the autumn run, we mean a nasty cold that you can catch, if you don’t prefer layering: thermal underwear, a couple t-shirts or Longsleeves, windproof jacket, warm hat and scarf (or buff), which by the way is needed to warm your breath in the frosty air.

4He overdo it

If you are a newcomer to Jogging 5 km in the first day is not an option, try to balance the optimum level of fatigue and exhaustion. Without the presence of an experienced coach is difficult to plan an effective workout, so start small and gradually increase pace and distance.

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5Используй app for running

We know you’re sure will help with items 1, 2 and 4. This achievement of the XXI century provides plenty of opportunities to get expert advice, find like-minded people and to keep you motivated. Sounds great, isn’t it? For example, there is a cool app for Nike + Run Club, which speciality launched a series of Sunday runs with the class a variety of locations to suit every taste.

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