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5 healthiest types of tea

5 самых полезных для здоровья вида чаяTea is a versatile drink for all occasions.

Tea is one of the most popular and universal drinks.

It not only tones you up but also nourishes the body with valuable nutrients, and even helps to cope with unpleasant symptoms. Tell about the most useful types of tea.

Mint tea from fatigue
Mint has a strong sedative effect. Just one Cup of this drink will save you from trouble, help you to find harmony and to resolve sleep problems. In addition, this tea is good with a headache and improves the eyesight.

Mate from bruises on the body
This beverage contains vitamin p. It helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, making it possible not to be afraid of bruises on the body. This is especially useful for owners of thin and tender skin.

Also drinking a Cup of Yerba mate will help to get rid of a muscle, headaches and nausea. Tea normalizes blood pressure, tones up, cleanses the stomach and uplifting.

Raspberry for PMS
Not everyone knows that raspberry tea is the best drink for colds and coughs. But his goodness does not end there. It is proved that this drink helps women to cope with the unpleasant symptoms of PMS, eases pregnancy and helps to recover after childbirth. Besides, it normalizes menstrual cycle, relieves spasms, and relieves nausea.

Hibiscus temperature

Hibiscus, also called Roselle, has many useful properties for our body. So, due to the large number of fruit acids drink it at an elevated temperature. It also helps to strengthen blood vessels, to get rid of excess weight, toxins and other harmful substances.

Masala drowsiness

This tea, which consists of different spices, has the ability to invigorate and relieve sleepiness. A blend of spicy ingredients to activate the metabolism in the body. In this case, a Cup of masala will replace the coffee and energize you for the whole day. Besides, this tea has several useful properties: improves digestion, burning toxins, normalizes blood circulation and purifies the blood. Causes pressure back to normal and strengthens the memory.

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