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5 Golden rules of a flat stomach

5 «золотых» правил плоского животаBeautiful and flat stomach is every woman’s dream.

Always smart and beautiful belly is the result of daily exercises and proper nutrition.

1. Keep your muscles toned

You have a sedentary lifestyle and have you noticed that abdominal muscles become weak and flabby even a little? Urgent take action!

• Buy a fitball and try as often as possible to sit on it. Will work the abdominal muscles, strengthen the back, increase coordination.

• Every day you can spin the hula Hoop for 10 minutes.

• If you ever took the time for the pool.

• Food. Include in the diet of bread made from wheat flour, lettuce, celery. Drink water – at least 1 liter a day, and infusions of rose hips with honey.

2. To recover after childbirth

If there are no contraindications, then 2-3 weeks after delivery it is necessary to do the exercise “ball”: lying on the back during inhalation, the maximum to inflate the stomach, it needs to be like a balloon, and during exhalation – suvi. Repeat 20-25 times.

Another exercise: lie on your back, bend your knees, hands pull along the body. On simultaneously off the floor with bent legs and back, stretch the abdomen to the knees, stretching your arms forward. At the expense of “two” back to its original position.

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Food. Do not overeat. Eat vegetables and fruits. An hour before a workout eat protein foods (cheese, yogurt, pasta) – so you will “feed” the muscles, and you will be easier to strengthen the muscle corset.

3. Get rid of the “ears”

I love to eat well, move a little, and as a result have to hide behind bulky sweaters abdomen and lack of waist? To get rid of excess belly and waist will be difficult. But the main thing is to wish! A great way to reduce the volume pool will be. Then you can sign up for belly dancing or flamenco. Doing have all the time to monitor the posture and to pick up the stomach.

Food. Strictly control the volume portion, it should fit in a mug (250 ml). Limit to a minimum the farinaceous food in the diet. Eat cereal (preferably cooked with water), fish, vegetables.

4. Cellulite – cryomassage

Smooth out cellulite with the help of ice. The procedure, developed by the Austrian doctors, simple.

For making ice use lemon juice diluted with water in proportion 1:1. Wrap ice in a napkin, leaving a small part free, and, starting with the feet, RUB the problem areas from the bottom up, like a pad.

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5. Exercises for a flat stomach

To exercise to be effective, they need to perform not only regularly, but properly.

• To train the abdominal muscles need in a slow pace. It is important even not so much how many times you repeat the exercise, but how you’re doing. Your movements should be smooth and rhythmical, not jerky.

• One type of exercise to get rid of belly difficult. Combine abdominal exercises with other loads, for example, with running.

• Don’t eat an hour before exercise and an hour after them.

• Do not allow extremes. Exercising is not at full strength, carelessly, you won’t achieve results: the desired effort. But overly burden yourself with impossible: increase load gradually.

The abdominal muscles you can train unnoticed by others. Standing in the queue or in transport, pull your abdomen on the inhale, tighten and relax it on the exhale. It does not mess with the breath. Try to keep your stomach sucked. First you have to follow, but then it will become a habit.

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