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5 foods that cannot be heated

5 продуктов, которые нельзя разогреватьThere are products that should not be re-heat treated.

Doctors say once cooked and re-heated food loses many of its beneficial qualities and sometimes turns into harmful meals.

In the heat treatment process products lost part of vitamins and valuable microelements, and after each warm-up they are becoming less and less. But the worst thing is that while the dishes may form harmful substances that can cause damage not only to the organs of digestion. Because doctors do not recommend to re-expose the food to heat treatment, especially made with some products.

1. Beet. This root loses its vitamins during the subsequent heating. But is there anyway to do this? Because beets can please their taste and cold, enriching our diets with healthy substances and not just fiber.

2. Meat. This product with additional heat treatment loses a significant amount of its taste. But the main thing that splits easily digestible proteins. Because the meat it refers to long and hard to digest products, with a loss of protein it turns into dangerous for the digestive system food. If you’re going to heat a meat dish again and again, then don’t be surprised when you have signs of metabolic disorders, flatulence, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach or other digestive disorders.

3. Mushrooms. Like meat, mushrooms contain in its composition of proteins. And then re-heat treatment makes them harmful to human health product. But this can be avoided if you eat the previously cooked mushrooms in the cold. Moreover, in the taste for this you will not lose.

4. Eggs and dishes from them. It is not necessary to heat up a boiled egg or previously cooked omelette. Otherwise useful trace elements contained in them will remain in a miniscule amount, but the dish will be very harmful toxins and carcinogens. As a result, instead use such foods can cause damage your metabolism and even can cause food poisoning.

5. Potatoes. Dishes from this vegetable be harmful when repeatedly heated. The reason for this phenomenon in starch, which are rich in potatoes. Starch is considered beneficial to health because it helps removing excess of cholesterol cells in the blood. But when heating food of potatoes, starch is broken down by high temperatures. Without starch, the potato dish is, at least, useless to the human body.

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