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4uKey – friendly application to reset password on iPhone

Imagine a situation: You – the owner of the iPhone, which is lock by password, fingerprint, PIN code or face. One day the phone stops to recognize you and doesn’t recognize the password – someone decided to play a trick or give me problems and change all access codes and take advantage of the gadget is impossible. Or You sold a locked phone and does not said the password. In both cases, the iPhone is a useless device, but the chance to bring him back to life.

In order to re-start using your iPhone, you need to reset it to factory settings. But how to reset iPhone to factory settings without an Apple ID and what to do if forgot password of your iPhone? There is a solution and it’s very simple: it is enough to use the program 4uKey from the company Technoshare. 4uKey is an app for notebooks and desktops, working almost automatically. The user need only a minimal amount of action, and all the complex processes the program will do itself. Consider 4uKey more closely, from all sides.



Shell 4uKey made in the spirit of minimalism – just a few buttons to get confused about which it is absolutely impossible, one window with the election of the option and, in fact, everything. The user does not need to learn interface – it is simple and does not require adaptation.

Important fact: the program 4uKey fully translated into Russian language initially – no need to change the language in settings. The translation can be evaluated on a “four” on a 5-point scale: there are flaws, plus some phrases and sentences are translated literally. However, understanding there are no problems – everything is intuitive and easy.

Note that the web developers website is also fully translated into Russian language.


System requirements

4uKey will run even on a computer 15 years ago, and the “hardware” of the program, in fact, only one requirement – the USB port to which you will connect your iPhone. With operating systems too, no problems will arise: the offer will run under Apple’s macOS 10.8 and later and on Windows from XP and up to “Ten”. Of course, support for Windows 98 is no guarantee, but this OS has almost not used for anything. Version 4uKey under Linux, alas, no. Note that the program requires Internet access.


Opportunities 4uKey

4uKey able to work not only with iPhone but also other mobile gadgets, Apple iPads and iPods Touch. It supports all versions of iOS, from iOS 5 to the most current iOS now 12. Moreover, if your device is old version of the firmware, the program will automatically upgrade it to the latest at the time of use – updated iOS will be downloaded from the Internet from Apple directly before unlock.

4uKey able to reset the PIN, 4 – and 6-digit passwords, as well as the lock face and fingerprint. The application will work even if the smartphone is locked after several unsuccessful password attempts, or if it is split screen, and enter the password it is impossible in principle.


How to use 4uKey

We have already said that in 4uKey understand any user, even the first time sat down behind the computer or laptop. iPhone/iPad disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock? The process of unlocking the mobile Apple gadgets is divided into three simple steps.

In the first phase only need to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the computer via data cable. It is recommended to use original accessories.The second step is even simpler than the first – as soon as the program recognizes your gadget (its name will be displayed on the screen), simply press the “Start” button, then you can move on to the third step.

In the third stage you will need to download iOS firmware from the Apple website – this can be done directly from the program interface. If desired, window 4uKey you can go to the browser on the Apple website and download the package manually. If the firmware has been downloaded in advance, then just choose the desired file in the memory of the computer by clicking “Choose”. Then click “Upload” and all further actions 4uKey will perform for you. The unlocking process takes only a few minutes – as much as is pumped into the firmware. Here all depends on the model of your gadget – the newer the device, the more fast memory installed in it, and the less time it will take 4uKey to unlock.

At the end of the installation process for the firmware of your smartphone, tablet or player will be updated to the latest iOS version, the gadget will be reset to factory settings and all passwords and other lock options are disabled. Note that a reset will lead to the complete deletion of all personal data – photos, videos, correspondence, contacts and other information in the device memory.

And one more nuance: before removing the lock through 4uKey make sure that your device has a high battery life.

This is a video review of the program 4uKey: How to unlock
iPhone without iTunes if I forgot the password

Free and paid versions

Default 4uKey distributed on a completely free basis, without restriction of functionality – You can use all the features of the program immediately after its downloading and installation. This applies to both versions, and under Windows, and under macOS.

But there is a paid version 4uKey: it users, developers are offering competent technical support and totally free upgrade. Also every buyer is guaranteed a refund within 7 (seven) days from the date of purchase, if he, for whatever reasons, the program will not work.

Now let’s deal with prices. There are four main types of licenses for both supported platforms, and are different under Windows and macOS. All prices given below.

– license for 1 month for 1-5 devices. Price: 2760 RUB (Windows), 3360 RUB (macOS);

– 1-year license for 1-5 devices. Price: 3000 RUB (Windows), 3600 RUB (macOS).

– unlimited license for 1-5 devices. Price: 3600 RUB (Windows), 4200 RUB (macOS).

– the annual license for 1 year 6-10 devices (Windows): 3780 RUB.

– the annual license for 1 year for 11-15 devices (Windows): 4800 RUB.

– the annual license for 1 year without any restrictions on quantity of devices (Windows): 23940 RUB.

– the annual license for 1 year 6-10 devices (macOS): 4380 RUB.

– the annual license for 1 year for 11-15 devices (macOS): 5400 RUB.

– the annual license for 1 year without any restrictions on quantity of devices (macOS): 23940 RUB.

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