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48-year-old Kylie Minogue has admitted that can not have children

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According to rumors, Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) is about to marry her younger boyfriend, 29-year-old Joshua Sassari.. In December last year, the actor made the singer an offer. Now fans look forward to when celebrities show photos from the wedding.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sassari.
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However, despite the upcoming wedding, children Kylie to have will not. The reason for that was the health of the singer. 48-year-old Kylie survived breast cancer in 2005. Fortunately, the disease was diagnosed at an early stage, the tumor managed to win. Recently in a Frank interview with Sunday Times Magazine Minogue admitted that can not have children.

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“When you have cancer, you have to accept the fact that you will never be the same. I understand that I will not be able to get pregnant. When I say that there are now plenty of opportunities to get pregnant, I want to shout. Because I lost the natural ability to become a mother. I think every woman is the image of her unborn child. But I will not be your own child, it’s sad. I took a lot of strength to accept this fact,” admitted Kylie.

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During the illness of the singer was reinforced by a course of chemotherapy and underwent a partial mastectomy.

Recall that the novel Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sassari. began in October last year.

Earlier Western media reported the pair held a wedding in Greece this summer. However, later he Joshua dispelled these rumors by making a post to his Twitter. Sass made a joke that was not averse to be at this wedding.

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