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47-year-old Gwen Stefani boasted slender legs

47-летняя Гвен Стефани похвасталась стройными ножкамиThe singer looks amazing.

The classic image of Gwen Steffani, verified over the years is a monochrome, leather jackets, a little leopard print and of course the combo of red lipstick and a perfect shooter.

As such, the singer appears on the stage and on the red carpet, and on the American show “the Voice”, where Stephanie acts as mentors.

So the recent exits of stars, different from the usual, led the discussion in the network. However the first dress, which Gwen appeared at a social event just fits in the standard color scheme.
Discussing 47-year-old Gwen Stefani mini dress

47-летняя Гвен Стефани похвасталась стройными ножками

Fans struck by its length: 47-year-old pop star showed perfect legs.

Apparently inspired by the positive comments of fans, the singer decided to repeat the success of the combination “the chess” mini-dress and fishnet tights. And this time, choosing a non-obvious color, appeared on the evening show with Jimmy Fallon, where literally showed the audience all that was hidden before.

47-летняя Гвен Стефани похвасталась стройными ножками

Although the topic of conversation was the promotional tour of “the Voice” for the United States and the relationship of Gwen with a partner on a platform — by Blake Shelton, social networks, the singer’s fans actively discussed whether to wear such short dresses when you’re nearly fifty years, and where it is cheaper to buy sparkly shoes girls, Jimmy Choo, like Stephanie.

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