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43-year-old Maria Poroshina changed her image

43-летняя Мария Порошина резко сменила имиджMaria Poroshina admitted that the nature of her dark hair, which is why the actress decided on a radical change in the image.

For all time of dramatic art Maria Poroshina never cheated on her image – blonde hair of medium length.

However, as it turned out, the nature of Mary brunette, that’s why she decided on a bold step. Blog celebrity has photos where she poses with a short haircut and dark hair color.

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“I was born a brunette. The first time I was addressed in the film by Nikolai Lebedev’s “the Fan”. And so it went. From one role to another became lighter and lighter. Probably blond heroine seem more gentle. Gentlemen prefer blondes. I like dark women,” said Maria.

Fans of the actress began to ask her if she really dyed her hair brunette, but Mary left all the questions unanswered. But the opinion of fans about this split. Some dark Poroshina seemed more beautiful, while others demanded the actress to return to the light shades.

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43-летняя Мария Порошина резко сменила имидж

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