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41-year-old Tina Kandelaki showed the “steel” press

41-летняя Тина Канделаки показала "стальной" прессRussian TV host boasted their big muscles, taking photos in the gym and putting it off on Instagram.

Tina Kandelaki years of hard work in the gym. The first time the public has reacted to the controversial how purposeful behaves almost forty-year old television star. Now Tina is 41 years old and she already boasts a result of the training, which, apparently, and sought all this time.

In his page in the social network Kandelaki has posted new footage taken during her next workout. One of the photos she signed as follows: “Contrary -6 kg I’ll leave in 2016! Now full hardcore on the fifth point, the press and other parts invigorating calf!”. According to Tina, this year she managed to lose another 6 kg, although the audience in disbelief — where Kandelaki hid those pounds?

The most important achievement 41-year-old body of a diva is that hard work the gym and food restrictions allowed her to build muscle and become the owner of a steel press. Perhaps Tina Kandelaki still have work to do, but now she looks great.

41-летняя Тина Канделаки показала "стальной" пресс

41-летняя Тина Канделаки показала "стальной" пресс

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