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40-year-old Natalia Oreiro has told how she managed to lose about 30 pounds

May 19, Natalia Oreiro was 40 years old. On the eve of their anniversary, the beautiful actress gave a Frank interview to the newspaper “Antenna”.

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Publication from Natalia Oreiro (@natalia_oreiro_russia) 28 Jan 2017 10:27 PST

During pregnancy, a son who is now 5 years old, Natalia gained 30 pounds! The actress got into shape in record time. My secret weight loss she willingly shared with journalists.

Publication from Natalia Oreiro (@natalia_oreiro_russia) Mar 5 2017 10:23 PST

“No special diet I have, the more secret. I guess reset is typed (which is really 30 pounds) helped me first of all that I fed Merlinia chest. Also at some time have completely given up chocolate, which I just love, bread and rolls. Sometimes on weekends allow themselves to spaghetti or pizza, but all in moderation and under control. It is important to remember that focusing on one food, not lose weight. We must introduce physical activity — at least, gentle. After giving birth to ATA, I danced a lot, rode a bike, tried yoga. And yet I was a powerful incentive — a month after the birth was planned the festival with a red carpet. Miss that I could not, and would look great around your favourite fans and photographers alert!” — said the actress.

Publication from Natalia Oreiro (@natalia_oreiro_russia) Feb 28 2017 at 2:25 PST

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