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40-year-old graduate of “factory of stars” has been changed to show “10 years younger”

A frame from the video

The new release of the program “ten years younger” was the first graduate of “star Factory” Mikhail Grebenshikov. 40-year-old singer admitted that he is not happy with his appearance and wanted to change dramatically to meet the love and to get back on the big stage.

Michael in 2005


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“I want along with face to change the internal state. I understand that is not the same Misha Grebenshikov — fresh and cheerful, and swollen uncle. Maybe I’ll be fresher and will be the girls to ride on the ears,” joked Michael.

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When talking about personal, Grebenshchikov have said seriously, and at some point couldn’t even hold back the tears. In 2010, he broke up with sweetheart after a long relationship. The singer hopes the project will instill confidence in him and his life will be new Muse.

Michael in 2014

Michael had done some plastic surgeries — rhinoplasty, facelift and blepharoplasty. Grebenshchikov also made a “Hollywood” smile, which he always dreamed of, changed the style and style. The final result is very surprising artist. “Suddenly… the Hair — just added fresh wave. Eyebrows are so big… just like the same dude from Moscow or Voronezh. Great! Accept!” said “manufacturer”.

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Michael after the Transfiguration

According to the survey, Grebenshchikov now you can’t give more than 30-35 years. What do you think?

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