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40 look like 20: three important secret

В 40 выглядеть как в 20: три важных секретаAdvice from girls from Asia.

For anybody not a secret that many Koreans look very young even when you become older than 40 years.

Experts say that important role in long youth plays a special approach to care.

Interesting: Korean girls devote to skin care hours in the morning and an hour in the evening. For them it is a ritual. 3 times a week the Koreans definitely used active mask, including night.

Koreans are very responsible for cleansing of the skin. So, in Korea, care adopted a two-stage purification system. At the beginning of the girls clean the skin with hydrophilic oils, after which use a tonic, depending on skin type.

Koreans never go outside without sunscreen on the face and body skin. Yes, the sun is the main enemy of youth.

So, in Asia the SPF-factor is, as in day creams and BB creams or coronach that are used to create an even skin tone.

In the Korean cosmetics you will find many active ingredients that give real results. In addition to the standard components of cosmetics, Koreans actively use ginseng and snail mucus.

Few people know that Korea is the first country which began to grow ginseng on a commercial scale. Ginseng root works wonders with the skin, restoring it, smoothing out wrinkles and slowing the aging process.

The same incredible properties and snail slime. Funds from her part to reduce oiliness, tighten pores, rejuvenate, improve skin elasticity and smooth wrinkles.

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