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4 indication that the driver kills his car

4 признака того, что водитель убивает свою машину

Sometimes you think you are good, and it turns out the opposite

1. A warm garage

One of the easiest ways to make quickly rot your car every night and leave it in a warm garage. A warm garage in General is great for storing cars, but not in winter, when day-to-day operation.

Winter car of the day covered with a layer of ice and reagents. Especially the sills and wheel arches. Night in a warm garage it all melts and corrodes the paint and metal. In addition, the remaining microdroplets of water in the morning at the check-out in the cold again to freeze, breaking the layer of varnish and paint.

When this is repeated from time to time, tears reach the metal and starts the corrosion process.

2. The ride at low revs

The second surest way to harm your car to drive at low speed constantly. Some drivers (especially those in age) think that because they prolong the lifespan of your motor, treat it gently, not giving loads. Besides like as saves fuel.

In General, it is true, however, occasionally to spin the engine you need. We need this in order to the oil pump pumped enough pressure for engine lubrication, to form a soot, from the exhaust system with the exhaust gases left the condensate.

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Generally riding at lower rpm especially under load (when you, for example, on the petrol car at 1500-1900 rpm press the gas to the floor) threatens severe implications not only for motor but also for transmission. The detonation occurs, there is a lack of lubrication, you experience overload, you can rotate ear. But accelerated wear is provided accurately.

3. A long warming up

As soon as the cold snap from time to time see the same situation: the drivers window of trinkets give birth to their cars, and those little smoke in the yards for 20-30 minutes. It is no good.

First of all, modern engines warm up at idle, very inefficient. Especially in engines with a turbo and direct injection. You can warm small volkswagenaudi motor 1,4 TSI for hours, and not wait for operating temperature. To warm up the motor you need on the move, moving in a sparing mode, not exceeding two thousand revs.

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In fact, warming up at idle face not only loss of fuel but also the bullies on the cylinders. The fact that rich at low temperatures, the compound does not have time to evaporate and wash off the oil. As a result, the engine threshes dry. The second nuance is cold and more viscous oil lingers on piston rings and in large quantities into the cylinders.

4. Sawing at the wheel in place

With the advent of Gurov and Euro drivers stopped to think about what’s going on with the wheel and steering when turning the steering wheel in place. And what happens is that the amps beg for mercy, spikes out, and the tires leave black marks on the pavement.

It is better to avoid steering in place, we need at least a minimum rate. This is especially true of cars with wide wheels and heavy SUVs.

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