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4 GB RAM is enough for smartphones

Many years ago bill gates said that 640K of memory is enough for all and for all, and now many are missing, and two terabytes for all the files you need. Today Huawei announced the sufficiency of 4GB of RAM for today’s smartphones. Do not repeat the situation?

The phrase is about 4 GB of RAM came from the lips of chief operating officer of Huawei Lao Shi. In his opinion, such volume of the RAM of smartphones in 2017 is enough to run smoothly and without brakes. As an example, surprisingly, was given the iPhone, which is still less RAM because iOS consumes little memory during their work. Only 99% of smartphones run on Android, including phones from Huawei, but here the RAM is expendable, and apps no one optimizes, in addition, they are constantly hanging in memory and don’t even think to unload it.
The question arises – how can you be sure that 4 GB is enough? At the very same Huawei is already 6-Gigabyte mobile phones and coming models and to 8 GB from a number of other firms, so given the choice, the buyer will probably prefer the model in which there is more powerful hardware. Qualcomm, incidentally, is also confident that the four cores in the processor is enough for all, in the meantime, MediaTek has long been released top 10-core.

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