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$4 billion paid US for the opportunity to fly on the Russian Soyuz

$4 млрд. заплатили США за возможность летать на российских "Союзах"

USA as of July of 2019 spent $3.9 billion on the delivery of its astronauts by a Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS, according to a report on NASA.

Now the situation is a stalemate, says the Manager of one of the enterprises of the space industry:

– Both promising vehicle developed in 2014, but testing CrewDragon accompanied by serious technical difficulties (the first flight, the temperature inside the vehicle reached 80°C, leading to melting of a braid of cables), and the Cockpit is still not connected to the program of test launches due to the unavailability of a number of systems. Ask for help to Russia, NASA decided only when there is a threat to the American segment offline.

Now the negotiations will go is not so much about buying places much at all about the possibility for NASA to send a manned mission with the help of spacecraft “Soyuz-MS”. Previously, the Agency has requested space on the ships to the ISS in the fourth quarter of 2020 and the second quarter of 2021.

– Remember, eight years ago, the United States has lost the ability to self-manned space flight, and depend them from Russia. And these people still claim they “flew” to the moon, supposedly, “lost” drawings for those missiles.

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